Wednesday, 31 October 2007

in which is think about my diminishing sex life

Chaps and Lasses it is official... I am walking the walk. Yes, the pregnancy walk.
Legs spread, knees slightly bent, pelvis thrust forward, one hand resting on my swollen belly and the other bringing up the rear.

If it wasn't for the obvious baby i am housing in my belly you would think I was begging for a good stiff one... Well...I am... but that's another story.

Actually, no, it's not. Lets discuss this.

First off, last night husband did not come home drunk, so was not all over me like a rash...which unfortunately wasn't a bad thing because by the time he got home I was fast asleep...This was at 10pm. pathetic, I know. Anyways, this left me with a rather strong taste for a bit of shagging this morning...

Today on my lunch break I ventured to the one and only Ann Summers in hopes to some how give my libido a kick start. I know some men (my husband being one of them) say Pregnant women are sexy but to me I just feel totally out of whack. Sexy is about confidence and attitude right? so how can I be sexy when I'm walking like a penguin and have trouble sitting down, let alone pulling my limbs into any other weird and wonderful positions, thus making me a moody shit who is sure she looks fat in whatever she wears. And I have to say one of the most un-sexy things I've ever seen is a belly button that is on the verge of going from and innie to an outie...ew. So what better way to feel sexy than to go out and buy myself a Bondage starter kit? Of course accompanied by some nice new frilly knickers and bra (and i might have purchased some Durex play as well... refer to: Current needs).

So the plan for this Halloween night will be busting out my new kit after dinner, but after texting husband "I hope you're up for playing tonight" and there was no reply I called to see what was up..."I'm fucking knackered" ... Of course, he says he'll "give it a go" assuming i inspire a little energy into him. But honestly, where has our relationship gone too if not even and blindfold some black tape and a 5 tailed whip can't spark a little fire?

Is this the sign that the honey moon period is over? So soon? ... I wonder if we weren't married if he'd be up for it more often... Maybe it's the age gap... He is 15 years my senior. I'm not saying he can't get it up as often, because, oh, he can. oh yes. mmmyes. BUT maybe what my mother said is true "as you get older, it's not so much about sex anymore and you don't feel the need to talk about it as much" ... Is this so? Because i have noticed i do talk about it a lot more than him, in fact I feel I must go over the event blow by blow while we're doing the "cuddling" after in an almost review style...I kid you not, my friends. It's as if I've just seen the latest block buster and must voice my opinion about all the characters and special effects (of which are many) and then of course the final scene (the climax...of which there are sometimes "alternative endings"). Is that because of my age or because I'm just awfully fond of sex, but even more fond of talking?

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