Tuesday, 30 October 2007

In which i discuss my sex life and my mother in one post. oops?

I've just made the most delicious chicken salad in all of my culinary history. I really should cook more often.

The husband is out tonight on yet another Director/Head of department/Boss/THE ALL POWERFUL dinner/drinks thing. I say yet another because they seem very regular although this may just be because i never get out anymore. Don't get me wrong, i don't mind him going out, in fact i like it. Love it even. Him out of the house means I can cook dinner for one (my choice and NO complaints), eat ice cream with strange and wonderful toppings (pregnancy cravings...No, I haven't tried pickles yet), control the remote (football and trashy soaps galore!), sit on the computer and blog in peace (hello there), have an absurdly long shower without being interrupted (can't he hold it?), and bust out the vibrator (what? and you don't?).

Also, i find it such a strange turn on when husband comes home drunk and is all over me. Yum. Is it sick that i like that i can totally take advantage of him? I mean, of course he enjoys it (who wouldn't?) but there is just something so totally satisfying about giving drunk husband a blow job and then climbing on for a ride. I suppose it's the illusion of having power over him (drunk husband is never drunk enough not to know whats going on and protest and or take "the power" if he wanted to...but it's nice to pretend)...Maybe i should become a dominatrix. Though I've never been big on the idea of role play, only because i know I'd start laughing.

He shouldn't be home though for another few hours which leaves me plenty of time to procrastinate. I wish i could figure out how to upload pictures, my mother always sends me crazy pictures and videos of what she is doing whenever we chat online (yes, she's a hip mum, very computer savvy...very savvy actually. Must be where i get it from), well... actually they are not crazy pictures and videos, they are just pictures and videos of her... it's just she's a bit crazy, but in one of those "I hope I'm like you when i grow up" crazy ways.. Quirky, maybe? No, quirky is what old grannies are. Actually... I suppose my mother is an old granny... well not oldold.older... How does one define ones mother? I'd like to say she's a lot like me, but that's not true, because actually I'm a lot like her.

Yes, I say that proudly.

And i find it totally appropriate that i discussed my sex life (including my plastic friend) and my mother in one blog entry... Or maybe not. I'm sure she won't mind. like I said, she's quiet savvy.

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