Friday, 9 November 2007

In which I apologize

Maybe not apologize so much as make excuses.

I haven't been posting in this blog or using it to mine and its full potential, and the reason/excuse for this is I don't have Internet access at home and thus all my writing is done while procrastinating at work. Fair enough, I do procrastinate quiet a fair bit while at my desk, BUT it is still extremely hard to "tap in" to my inner snark writer when every 10 minutes or so I am getting interrupted by *gasp* work... I know, I know, how dare they!

Anyways, point is darlings that I can't really get stuck into my blogging and make it as personal and honest as I'd like because I have hoverer's... you know, the numptys that hover behind your desk pretending to be making conversation or reading a fax when you know in fact they are looking over your shoulder trying to see who's sending you e-mails and what's on your desktop.

I can give you more excuses if you like, but I won't because you deserve better than that, what you deserve is straight forward honest blogging, which, I will hopefully be able to do more of once we move into our new house, get our new wireless access set up and I get my snazzy new laptop. Yes siry, 007Eve found out what her husbands getting her for Christmas. Nice.

I also keep believing that once I go on maternity leave (mid February) I'll have more time to write... This may be totally wrong as I really have no idea how much "me time" my baby plans on taking from me. Yes yes, I know, being a parent is a full time 24/7 job and I'm prepared for that, but I'm assuming baby's do sleep at some point, yes? And when baby is sleeping I can sit and write, yes? ... Why do I feel like someones laughing at me?

Anyways, Excuses done and over with, I'll blog as often and as personal as possible but it's likely you'll get the full taste of me once I've popped this little fella out. I'm sure I'll need somewhere to spew my insides anyways.

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