Saturday, 10 November 2007

In which I do an early saturday morning

Saturday morning and I'm up and out before the clock hits 7am. Impressive.

I'm sat in husbands office while he is hosting an exec decorating spree of some sort... Not sure exactly, it involves painting and sorting out his staff gally... I was pulled in to help but when other managers here saw my big swollen belly I was ushered up to the restaurant and served a beautiful cooked breakfast. Yum. Also have now been offered a free massage from the club manager. Thank you lord.

It's likely I'll be going for a dip in the pool later, maybe after the massage, and then take my time in the luxurious changing room as I dress for our night out. Birthday drinks tonight with a work colleague of mine up in Angel, Actually really looking forward to this.

I've had so much on my mind this week that I haven't been able to focus on one thing. Just totally overwhelmed by a million things... But not in a bad way. I'm happy, that's good. Husband is looking after me well, and lately, there has been this extremely tender look in his eyes that's just...absolutely breath taking. I've never been looked at like that and it makes me feel totally secure in us and him. Right on.

Now I'm going to go and find a bathroom in this jungle of a place before I explode and then off to the pool! or maybe a nap first... This office chair is quiet comfortable.

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