Wednesday, 7 November 2007

In which I get busy in covert operations and go to friends for dinner

Yesterday, I have to say, was awfully productive.

Work was busy with investigating the whereabouts of missing champagne bottles and then discussing the option of rigging up a CCTV camera to our fridge to catch the thief. I work for a posh/wealthy Asset Management company and whenever we have functions/meetings we indulge our clients with expensive (and I mean £1000 per bottle expensive) bottles of wine and champagne, which I store in a big fridge... My wine/champagne keeps disappearing. It amuses me really because the majority of our staff work for over £70k... they can afford their own drink... I guess nothing quiet like a freebie. anyways, I've decided to find out who is doing it more for the curiosity factor than anything and am debating rigging traps to capture the thief red-handed... I might go home and watch Home alone for some inspiration.

After work I went to Husbands office to drop of a Phil Collins CD I brought for him (Fact: I am an awesome wife)
while there an incident occurred with me bent over his desk and the wearing of lacy red french knickers (Note: I was not the one wearing the lacy red french knickers). Hot.

After, I made my way over to see a good friend at her boyfriends house (we will here on in call good friend: Wife, because we are constantly referring to her as Phil's 2nd wife...No, we have not had a threesome. Tho' it has been discussed) for dinner where we discussed both our wonky bowl movements, men wearing women's knickers, her future (or lack there of) with current boyfriend, and who's the better cook...which I won because I figured out how to microwave our bung-in-the-oven dinners while she struggled to unwrap a package of cheese and confused coriander with parsley (This is why husband needs two wives). I absolutely love wife, shes one of my top favourite people in the world.

After dinner husband collected me from wife's boyfriends house and we crawled home for midnight. I was knackered. I can't believe I stayed up that late, usually I'm dead beat by 10pm. It felt good. It felt really good. I felt like my old self again. Finally.

All in all I chalk Tuesday down to a really good day, maybe even a favourite of recent times.

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