Wednesday, 9 January 2008

In which everyone has a say

Quick update for those of you who have not been counting, which I hope is all of you because not even I am counting. I only know because BabyCentre keeps me updated with weekly e-mails.

I'm 33 weeks pregnant with a big fat boy. I say big and fat because my bump is pretty huge... I like to think that his size might be from my american influences. Or maybe he just got the fat gene in my family.

Last month was crazy hectic not just from the holiday (Happy Hoildays, btw) but also with Husband and I moving house and then beginning the refurb of said house straight away. We've been there nearly 3 weeks now and still are not really unpacked. Infact our kitchen is half essembled and the nursery is full of bags and boxes of baby stuff. Good news is most everything has been brought, we just need to put it all together.

I've gone off sex pretty much entierly. It doesn't help that all sorts of wierd shit is happening to the lady down below.

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