Monday, 10 November 2008

In which I mark myself

I spent the weekend with my good friend 'K' and we have decided to get some more tattoos. I have picked out three and I plan on getting all three but it's which one first now... Although I can't get any tattoes until my dear son stops breastfeeding which I'm thinking will be in the next two weeks... Gradually weaning him off now.

Breastfeeding is an interesting thing, I find myself feeling very primal but accomplished knowing I've breastfed my son.

But I'll tell you one thing, now that I've done it I am so so SO getting a boob job. Told hubby he's got 2 years to save up for my boob job and I'll be expecting it for my 26th birthday. 26 seems like a good age to get them...

I'm not at all above plastic surgery. Hubby does not really want me to get it done, but I so do... I'll have my tummy tucked too if this hanging loose flesh dose not pull itself in. I love my son, but my young 20something body is ruined. I put on 45lb when I was pregnant... I was a size 18-20 after I gave birth. My wedding dress was a size 10. I've dropped most of it and am now back at a size 12-14... still need to loose a little more but thank god for, without them it would have taken me a lot longer to drop those pounds.

This is the most pointless post of all time. I have nothing profound to say.

Maybe later.

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