Sunday, 7 December 2008

In which I'm mostly back

Well i'm much better now, survived the most horrific virus I've ever had in which I was not only feeling like shit but had such a high tempreture I was halucinating. Quiet interesting and scary, kept imagining spiders were crawling all over my body and would wake up freaking out. It's all good if you're able to just stay in bed and wait it out but when you've GOT to be up and going and aware and stable for your little 9 month old baby then it's a lot harder...which I think is a big part of why it took me so long to recover.

It's all in the past now though. We are officially moved in and totally unpacked in our new gorgeous home. It's so stylish and clean and new and beautiful and totally doesn't look like a family lives here... more like a young childless couple... I suppose Husband and I are still adjusting life style wise to having a young one. But he has a his toy box sat in the living room and his nursery is all zoo animated out. 100's of stuffed elephants... My favourite animal which I'm trying to impose on him but finding he's much more interested in Lions because that roar. Whatevah.

Chirstmas is apone us and we are getting ready. We've nearly got everything sorted.

I still must recount my happenings a couple of weeks ago. The "EXCITMENT" .... If only I had the time and frame of mind to get it all down. I have to do i justice though. I must.

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