Friday, 10 July 2009

In which I am hopeless

Son was exceptionally well behaved today. He's such a good boy, so easy and fun. He didn't sleep much for his nap though so Husband is now putting him to bed a little early, if he'll go to sleep that is, of course. (edit: Husband tried to get him to sleep at 7:30pm...It is now 10pm and he's finally drifting off)

I am about to make a second attempt at making Heavenly Housewife's English Muffin Loaf. God I hope it works or Husband will laugh at me, I am sure. He was not here to witness the first attempt, which was diabolical. Fingers crossed.

It amazes me how I can completely screw any baking up even if it is a piece of piss to make. How do I manage it?

anyways, dinner tonight was baked potato topped with fresh baby leaf spinach, tender steak strips, chunky red onion quarters and blue cheese salad dressing. Was yummy but with hind sight I think I'd prefer it with ranch salad dressing next time, although both of us love all things blue cheese i found it too overpowering for this dish.

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