Thursday, 16 July 2009

In which I am pleasently surprised.

I cannot believe I did not mention this as soon as it happened.

The other night, I was laying in bed when Husband walked in with a bottle of baby lotion and asked if I would like a massage. No kidding. It's not like he'll never give me one but they usually only happen after a few days of me hunched over complaining about my back. too shocked to say anything I of course just stripped and assumed the position to receive a lovely 30 minute massage from my man. It was well needed! Maybe the Calzones swayed him...

This was so surprising though that through out the massage I kept thinking about that damn glove in my garden...Maybe it is magical and these are some of the effects...ooOOooo. Hah.

But really I am sure the cause of this massage was the inevitable outcome he knew he would receive (which would be somehow me ending up on top by the end of it, ifyouknowwhatimean). Silly man only had to ask, not that I'd tell him that if it means a guilt free massage.

In other un-related news, since I really am domestically just starting out I'm coming to realize that my kitchen is incredibly badly stocked. I don't have the right pans/utensils/tins/equipment... I have minimal herbs/spices/dry goods and what I constantly hear are "cupboard essentials"... So my question is, to the "real people", what should i stock my kitchen with? What will I really use? and what is something that will assist in those days when I need a quick and easy dinner?

All and any suggestions are welcome.

I ask this because yesterday I realized I did not own a wooden spoon....

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