Saturday, 11 July 2009

In which I consider all things baking

I really have an urge to get back into baking lately. I've mastered cooking (when I say mastered I mean I can follow a recipe, which although may not be an achievment for you it's a huge one for me considering how un-domestic I was this time last year) and now I want to be able to bake. Bread, cakes, deserts... Everything.

I made Heavenly Housewife's English Muffin Bread (As seen above) this morning, which wasn't a total disaster although it didn't rise hardly any (yeast problems?) and I then forgot it was in the oven so it got a bit crisp (and brown as you can see), Husband devoured it none the less, so I suppose in a way it was a success, though I feel I could have done better. I now have a huge bag of cornmeal left over from that recipe, so I'm thinking...American Cornbread? They don't sell powdered buttermilk in this country and the only recipe I have calls for that. I will do some searching later today. Was thinking of putting jalapenos in it. mmmm.

I have a vague memory though that cornbread is...sweetish. No? I haven't had cornbread since I last had Thanksgiving in America, which was 6 years ago, so my memory is fuzzy. Is it cornbread I am thinking of or a different bread? muffins? ... like those muffins they sell at KFC in America? what are those?

time for some domestic research it seems. I'll let you know how it goes. Oh, and yes, might attempt the cupcakes tomorrow.


Heavenly Housewife said...

Hey, cool, u have redone your whole site and now i can leave u comments. You have done an awesome job with the bread. Was your hubbs impressed? I am sure u must have been. I dont know about you, but i feel so happy when I make something and it comes out the way its supposed to.
My hubby is away from home all day today, I know I might be bored, so I might try and make something today too. But what...?

Eve said...

My sight needed a little pick-me-up. :) Husband was impressed, I was pleased too though would have liked it too have risen a bit more. But yes, the feeling of satisfactory and achievement i get from cooking/baking and then watching my husband enjoy it is what makes to enjoyable!

Make Coffee Cake! I've been dreaming off classic American coffee cake for weeks and you can't quiet get anything like that here (least I haven't found it)!

let me know how it goes :)

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