Saturday, 25 July 2009

In which I discuss two of my favourite things

Shopping and Dessert.

I'm such a happy girl right now. Husband, Son, The In-Laws and I took a trip to Freeport to do a bit of shopping. I under Heavenly Housewife's advice homed in on Karen Millen. Oh how have I stayed away from this shop before!? The dresses! THE DRESSES! I was in heaven. I must have spent an hour in the dressing room trying on every single dress I could get my hands on. They were the kind of dresses that if I owned I would wear them at home just to be wearing a Karen Millen dress. 2 were top favourites. Unfortunately these 2 were either a size too big or a size too small. I was very disappointed. But it's ok because I've ordered it online :)

Did I mention I am now a huge fan of Karen Millen? I would marry her.

I also came away with a bargain at Next. several items that totaled to 30 quid which I couldn't figure out until we were sat at lunch later and I read the recipe and realized she hadn't rung up two items. Am I a bad person for not going back to let her know? ... I'm leave someone else to think about that.

Also bought a few beautiful items at Lipsy and Morgan. Am surprised I came away with no shoes. I'm a shoe girl you see, usually I come away with at least 2 pairs. not today, though we are shopping again tomorrow so might make up for it then. Tomorrow though is boy shopping, get my two fella's their suits for the wedding. oh I love shopping.

On to dessert.

I love dessert though I don't tend to have it often at home, but yesterday while I was out I came too a Turkish market and there was a stall selling Baklava. I have no hesitation in saying Baklava is my most favorite dessert ever. If you haven't had it before go have it and then join my club. We had it last night with a nice cup of tea and when I took that first bite, savoured it, paused, I just felt like everything in the world would be ok. The world would become peaceful, wars would stop, no one would starve and I would win the lottery (what?). It was a beautiful moment.

Here is an awesome recipe for Baklava courtesy of Closet Cooking.


Heavenly Housewife said...

Fabulous :) Im so glad u went to KM. So lets c the dress! Send us the link :) I am dying to see what you got. I didnt go to wedding part 2 because last night got very sick. Was up at 4am cause couldnt breath or swallow :( hope i sleep tonight.
Hey, i am a total baklava fan, thats awesome that u like it too. I can eat it by the bucket load (and I do).

JennyMac said...

I can not support the baklava..LOL but Karen Millen is absolutely sensational!

Eve said...

HH - So now we've got Laduree, Karen Millen and that shop with thebestBaklavaever you mentioned on our list. :) This might be becoming the best list ever.

Jenny- You'd don't support Baklava because you don't like it or haven't tried it? Because if it's the latter I will personally fedex you some over because it'd be a crime to miss out!

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