Wednesday, 29 July 2009

In which I give you a quickie

Today has been hell, not like bad hell, just busy. Productive. Work I didn't have a second to breathe and was just non-stop all day. Got home around 5.30 after picking Son up from nursery. He was exceptionally well behaved this evening as I was slaving in the kitchen whipping up his favourite home made chunky vegetable pasta sauce. After dinner we had some piggy back rides then settled down for story time and bed. Husband got home just as Son was put too bed and right away I started on our dinner. Husband requested Calzone's so I made Pepperoni and Black Olive Calzone's. Went down a right treat.

I have been thinking much about my blog today. Have quite a few funny stories to tell and also a complaint about Husband (just to get it off my chest, you know?) but right now all I can do is curl up in bed and maybe read a bit of my racy novel.

My blog roll is getting extensive now and I'm really enjoy all the different blogs I'm being introduced too and such. I WILL find time tomorrow too spend time commenting and also compiling the many silly hours that once compiled I like to call 'my life'.

sorry for the lack of gusto too this post, but I'm sure if anyone understand it'll be you lot.

I could murder a frozen margarita right now, let me tell you!

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