Tuesday, 21 July 2009

In which I love thy neighbor

You may recall I mentioned on Sunday that my neighbor had announced she was cooking for us that evening and would bring dinner round. We were not invited to join at hers because she had guests over but she wanted me to try what she was making so insisted on bringing round some for us. I wasn't going to argue.

So husband and I are sat on the couch, twiddling our thumbs, smelling our food through the open back door, waiting...waiting. Waiting and expecting just a couple of plates of food. 7.30pm knock at the door and her son is at the door laden down with food. My god. The woman cooked enough for 6 people! Seriously! I felt so bashful that she didn't just fob some off for us but actually made a separate meal for us.

The rice dish was chicken and rice with...God...Everything? Spiced potatoes (almost like Aloo Potatoes), herbs, spiced.. I could taste mint, thyme, coriander, sage, cumin, turmeric. Seriously it's like she just chucked them all in and it worked.
The meal also included two salad dishes. One of grated Apple, Carrot, Cucumber with a mint, lemon and olive oil dressing. The other tomatoes, red onions, mint and olive oil.
I have no hesitation in saying this was the tastiest meal I have had since I dined at Le Cafe du Jardin. It was beautiful and so very full of flavour. It wasn't spicy although it had a slight kick, but it was perfect. So perfect I even went back for a second full plate! Which I never do (waist line, ya know?).
I'll be knocking on her door tonight to return the plates and will inquire for the recipe then. Sorry about the poor pictures but was in a desperate hurry to sit down and sample the delights.
In completely unrelated news, I love the book man. Do you know the book man? He comes at least twice a month to my place of work and always has some great recipe books for cheap as chips. I've for got 6 on order, on is focused on baking, I'm hoping to really tone up my baking skills this summer. Wish me luck.


Pam said...

What a great neighbor! The whole meal sounds delicious.

Grace said...

i haven't even met my neighbors, much less received a meal from them! methinks i'd like to move to your neighborhood!

Heavenly Housewife said...

Yeah, I agree with grace! How lovely to have such cool neighbors!

Dustjacket attic said...

That food looks totally great. That was so nice of your neighbour! Yeah you need to get the recipe.

Thanks so much for coming over and taking time to comment, make sure you visit again.xxoo

Eve said...

Pam - Oh it was! I almost feel it would be wrong not to share this with the world.

Grace and HH - I've been very lucky to have such a good neighbor because there is nothing worse than living next too a grumpy old man... He lives on the other side of us!

Dustjacket - I've got a cooking date with the neighbor soon where she will teach me to make this dish, I'll be sure to post the recipe then! assuming I don't balls it up of course. :)

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