Wednesday, 8 July 2009

In which I make small talk and say whats on my mind

Today it smells like Christmas. I'd like to say that I can smell holly, egg nog, Christmas pudding, apples and cinnamon, a Sunday roast, anticipation, excitement, cheer. Nope. I can smell wet, fresh, clean air. This smell always reminds me of Christmas... Maybe because I only started celebrating Christmas when I moved to England, and well...we all know England is wet. I don't know what it is but that cool, wet but fresh smell makes me think of Christmas. I love it.

And on that note it is way to early to be talking about Christmas.

I have been very busy at work today, I'd go into detail but then you all might shoot yourselves and I don't want to be responsible for that kind of blood bath. Not yet at least. God, that was dark... Anyways, I'm about to leave to go collect my little 16 month old bundle of terror and joy. I will walk into his nursery he will run at me smiling and calling "Mama" and then he will rugby tackle me in a hug and then we will walk home and the whole way home he will smack me in the face. I don't know why he does this... I can only assume it is punishment for being a bad mother and leaving him at nursery (even though he loves it there and never complains upon being dropped off). I'd like to point out though that he never hits Daddy when he picks him up. Why does he smack? He has never witnessed smacking... When he does smack I encourage him not too (in many different ways, hoping that one day, one of them will work). What I don't get though is that when he does it, I swear, the look on his face is EVIL. He's a good, happy, fun toddler. And I think (and am told by others) easy and a joy to look after... But my god, it's like he stares me down while he goes to smack me and his little lips purse and it's like he's really thinking about what he's doing, testing me too see what I will do. I am told though he does not smack at nursery or when he's with others... It's just me... I like to pretend it's because he loves me and trusts me more than anyone else and knows I will still love him no matter what... It's easier to tell myself that.

I made Mexican Fish for dinner last night for Husband and I. I was very apprehensive about this because the recipe just didn't work in my mind, but it was delicious, husband loved me a little bit more and I was pleased because he took me a whole 2 minutes of minimal effort. Which is always a plus when you are a working mum.

I'll post picture and recipe when I get home.

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