Sunday, 12 July 2009

In which I moan about my boobs

My garden is coming along nicely I think. The flower bed is starting too look more like a flower bed than just a weed garden...I managed to pick the only flowers in B&Q that were ugly as hell unless they were in full bloom. So 5 hours a day the garden looks pretty and colorful, then as soon as the flowers go back in it looks...well, like a bunch of over grown shrubs.

Anyways, I'm pleased with it considering this is my first year at really attempting to maintain a garden (though I don't have nearly enough time to keep on top of the weeding...least that's what i tell myself)

Son has been watching me when I do the weeding though and so now has taken to helping, except he goes for the heads of all my flowers and plucks those off, proudly tossing them into the compose heap before clapping for himself. So sweet.

Husband, Son and I are about to venture out of the house (at 2pm on a Sunday. I think that's pretty good progress) to head into town for a bit of food shopping and bra shopping! exciting! I am sure the boys are pleased to be joining me on this trip. Needs to be done though, I haven't bought a bra since I first stopped breast-feeding...When I was a fun size 34DD... Now, shamefully I am a A cup. I mourn this loss often; hence a boob job being in my "Current needs" bar on the right. I have to say though, it's not so much that I am an A cup that upsets me, it is that I am hardly any cup, my use-to-be pert and firm bosoms have turned into little flaps of loose skin. I'm in my early 20's guys... It's just not fair.
I'd like to fully blame this on breast-feeding (not that I would choose not to do it again) but I think it's mostly the fact that I was 50lb heavier when I gave birth than I am today.

It's a shame though... It took me a year to loose all the weight I put on when I was pregnant (I gave in to every single one of my cravings) and I finally have a nice slim/trim figure again...but for some reason I was under the impression that when I was fat, underneath it all was this perfect super-star type body. Firm abs, pert boobs, tight little waist, round bottom. Alas... No... No one told me I would also have to...gasp...tone up!

The amount of "Get a perfect body FAST" DVD's I own is shameful. One day I might do them too.


Pam said...

You sound just like my daughter (my grandson is two). She is forever going on about her boobs, and the difficulty of finding a bra. Since all my girls are adopted, I didn't have these troubles :)

Eve said...

lucky you! and yes finding a bra that will make my little fillets look appealing is very difficult! can't do push-up anymore because they will just fold into themselves! TMI I am sure. :)

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