Monday, 27 July 2009

In which it's a monday

I left you last time with the inclination that I would go for a nap. I didn't. Son woke up shortly after I finished futzing around the house. Well, I don't know if it actually is son because he went to sleep my perfect little angel and woke up the son of the devil. The rest of my afternoon has just gone to pots.

Firstly there was the constantly screaming baby. And not screaming like upset but just screaming for the sake of screaming because "lookatmemummy!". Which mostly, I can tolerate as I am aware my son has not yet (and probably never will) developed his "indoor voice". But not today, not today when I broke 4 nails (IKNOW!), stubbed my toe, managed to spill hot oil on my hand while baking and then while whisking managed to drop the whisk.... If you've ever dropped a whisk (a whisk with batter on it) then you know what a mess that is. Also burnt dinner and feel fat/ugly today because a spot brewed over night and I ate a LOT of muffin today. It's just been one of those days when I want to slap the first person that says "hi".

The only good thing we did get done was found suit for son. Heard about a local place that does that type of thing for babies down a back road somewhere near me, so I went, I saw, they conquered. Spent 50 pounds. 50 pounds on an outfit he'll wear once before he grows out of it. It hurts, you know? but god is it cute! red bow tie and waist coat with gold trim. little black leather shoes. SO cute. It still adds to the pain of today though.

Son, god bless him, did just settle down for bed perfectly without one peep of noise. I love him now more than I ever have. My shoulders are tense. I can feel a hothot shower coming on. I WAS going to pamper myself by doing a manicure but after today I have no damn nails left.

Husband isn't due home until midnight which I'm grateful for now, I need a peaceful house. BUT I do have to prepare for his arrival. You see, (a slight warning here, the rest of this post may be too graphic for some) every valentines day husband and I exchange letters which detail one fantasy we want to be fulfilled within the year. His this year was quite pervy (his always are actually) and he has requested me to wear my shortshort red plaid skirt, a blouse (with the top buttons undone, easy access) frilly old fashion knickers, knee high socks and mary janes. Classic school girl. Blagh. The stereotype makes me cringe but what ever pleases. So I'm meant to be wearing this while bent over the kitchen counter with my back to husband playing with myself when he walks in, and then I am simply to request he fucks me and not turn around until the act is finish. To some it may seem quite lewd, but this is how Husband and I roll. anyways, this will be the first opportunity I'll have to do this since he usually doesn't come home too late and letmetellyou, I am SO not in the mood. Would much rather lounge in my fuzzy robe eating chocolate until the crack of dawn than trying to be sexy. I feel SO unsexy today. I'm determined to do this though, I know he will not expect it and it will be nice for him. Maybe I'll go work myself up and try and get in the mood. Unlikely though... God, is this what kids does to you?

The fantasy I wrote him to do will be fulfilled I'm told in the next month. When that comes around I may need some advice from you lot. Should be interesting.


Heavenly Housewife said...

Just letting u know that i tagged u in my most recent post :). Have a fab day.
Love, HH

Eve said...

wheeeere? I don't see it!

Now you've got me curious.

ModernMom said...

LOL Love love the way you write. Hope you don't mind a new follower.

Oh and just so you know..Yes. This is what kids do to you! HA!

Miranda said...

I feel your pain...LOL
I am a 28 yr. old stay at home mom with a 4 yr. old and 19 month old.

No help from the fam, because my husband moved us from OH to FL three yrs. ago. I miss them and it is hard.

There is days I want to take a flying leap into the glass door...haha

But I must admit, I do love every second...

We could def. exchange stories...Like how my four yr. old destroyed my mixer by tossing a spatula into moving beaters causing a huge wreckage...


Eve said...

MM - I'm honored to have you! and thank you! That's really flattering to hear from someones who's blog I enjoy so much. :)

Miranda - LOL your comment made me snort loudly at my work desk. Especially the glass door thing. I sooooo know that feelings, but yes, despite all the hell we are glutton for punishment because I wouldn't choose anything else. :)

We should swap stories and woes together! I can imagine we'll meet on the same level quite often especially since we are both far away from family. x

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