Tuesday, 7 July 2009

In which there are friends for dinner

Sunday husband and I had a fellow couple over to enjoy a shoulder of pork I had cooked to the most amazing and simple recipe I have yet to find (though, if you know of a tastier one, don't be cruel and hold it back!), it was scrummy and delicious and oh so tender. I am still eating said pork shoulder actually. Had it in my sandwich today for lunch. I have to be honest here, I invited previously mentioned couple over more than anything to help eat the huge pork shoulder I had in my freezer, although they are probably a pair of our closest friends there has seemed to be a drift in our friendship as of late and I haven't been that enthusiastic in seeing them, it's almost awkward. I am assuming it is because they are a "new couple" so everything they do at the moment is revolving around time alone together or time with each others families, which is fine, I get it, that is what happens with new love. But goditmakesmesick. sorry what?...Did you say something?

Anyways, made this beautiful pork, ate it between a bun filled with coleslaw out in the garden under the sunshine and then watched husband run down the street chasing the ice cream man like a ten year old. He did catch him though... Nothing like a good old fashion 99 to finish off a summer evening. Son was running around like a nutter (as per usual) pulling off all the flower heads and eating rocks. God I love him.

I keep meaning to make cupcakes... I bought a book with only cupcake recipes in it. I'm desperate to try my hand at it because I very very very rarely bake and I use to manage a bakery (and practically was a baker with the amount of procrastinating our baker did) and I use to be GOOD at baking and now it's been 7 years since I really baked anything and I am scared. But cupcakes are easy aren't they? I mean, anyone will eat cupcakes even if they look like shit.

Maybe I'll do it this weekend...

NC Crock Pot BBQ Pulled Pork
1 Pork Shoulder
2 cups cider vinegar
1 cup water
1/2 cup sugar
2 tbsp Red pepper flakes
2 tbsp black pepper
dash of ground red pepper
Franks Red Hot to taste
1/2 cup Ketchup Place

all ingredients in the crock pot with pork on top but mostly submerged.
Leave 6-8 hours on high.

When roast is falling apart remove from pot. Pull pork apart with two forks.
use cooking liquid to 'wet' pork.

Serve with coleslaw on a bun.


Piece of piss to make. :)

editors note: I'd like to apologize for the ugly picture of the pork...I'm sure when you make it it'll look better but I took the photo as an after thought and I generally am not a great photographer... promise next time it'll be better. IF you make it though and take a picture, please share!


Jules said...

This looks far better than the pork shoulder I have in the oven right now. That's the last time I use a James Martin - Saturday Kitchen recipe!

Eve said...

I saw that recipe! Yes this one is gorgeous and simple. Let me know if you try it sometime, I'd love to know how others got on with it :)

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