Thursday, 16 July 2009

In which thunder all through the night

Is anyone else in the UK experiencing this storm? It is about a mile from where I live I am guessing by the time delay from lightning to thunder. It's pretty intense and the first clap of thunder managed to shake our windows so much two of them popped open. God knows how my son is staying asleep through all this. I love and hate storms. Love them for the adrenaline and beauty of it all but hate them for the vivid memories I have of being a kid (about 8 years old) living in Illinois and having to sit in the living room in the middle of the night as storms rocked our house and waiting to hear the tornado warning sirens.

This kind of ends my day nicely I think though, I had a pretty busy day at work (despite managing to blog twice!) and then I had a very intense therapy session (which I may or may not blog about later depending on how I feel). So yes...fitting.

I'm about write out my "loose monthly meal planner" this is more so that on days I work and know I am busy I can have an idea of what to make for dinner. Weekends are free for all, always, but I like to at least have something I know I can refer to and find in the fridge if needed. Also I love a good list. I am the queen of lists. Lists rule my life. Sad, no?

While I am writing my meal planner I have been listening to a song I have heard a million times written by a very musically talented someone very close to me. I've never really listened to this song though since it is not one of their singles nor is it a hugely popular song off their album...But now I just listened to it... And the lyrics really sum up a lot of how I have felt lately. So thought I'd share.

These are the sounds of days that are passed.

I’m so high that when I look down
I can barely make out my feet on the ground
Don’t you dare grab my hand, try to lead me around
I just wanna lean back, black out and listen to the sounds

Of days that have passed me by

One too many dramatic coffee time chats
A few too many drunken nights that were nothing more than that
I never did get, down and dirty yet
My shoes feel worn and my feet feel wet

It’s in my

Mind you I’m not sure how hard I tried
Though I’d dream of Hawthorne and fantasize
I never took full advantage of the night
The city offered up I just shrugged and let it slide

How selfish am I

I’m a rubber ball, I’m a wooden peg
I’m a broken alarm clock
I’m bouncing around from place to place
Trying to fit in and failing to wake myself up

To opportunity slipping me

By and by I’ve squandered my time
Is this a learning experience or just a sign
Just a second ago I was on track, turn it all back
And give it one more chance

You don’t have to start over
I’m not starting over
I may be going back
But I’m not giving in
And I’m not starting over


Maybe I try too hard to believe
This built personality
And maybe I need to say goodbye
To this time and concede

It never did anything for me
It’s okay to say it’s been a waste
“It’s been a waste


Heavenly Housewife said...

I love storms (so long as i am not outside when they happen). I am from florida, where hurricanes are pretty common. The rain in england never comes close to that kind of thing.
I love lists too. I think part of it has to do with the satisfaction i get with crossing something off my list.
p.s. if you are looking for wedding dresses, for sexy/cool/sophisticated dresses, check out karen millen! i always find good stuff there. Its expensive, but it always makes you look impressive ;) and gives you a fab figure!

Eve said...

I know Karen millen... I don't think I've ever really looked there to be honest. Will give it a shot! though was considering using some on my credit at littlewoods to get the dress ;)

Why did you leave Florida?

Eve said...
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Heavenly Housewife said...

Left Florida so I could marry hubby.

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