Wednesday, 22 July 2009

In which yes I am aware I am going to be posting a lot today

You may recall me mentioning the book man at my office previously. I love him. Today he came to see me (well not me specifically but that is just a minuet detail) and bought me two books I strangely was discussing with my sister-in-law last weekend.

Reggae Reggae Cookbook and GET THIS The ultimate Mrs Beeton Collection.

Brilliant. I am getting both. My sister-in-law and I have been using Reggae Reggae in only one way (marinaded the chicken and then stuffed it with mozzarella and fresh Oregano) and we were discuss possible other recipes we could use it in with no luck. Book man has saved the day.

Mrs Beeston... Well we all know Mrs Beeston right? Author of the all mighty bible for the domestic goddess, more commonly known was "Mrs Beeton's Book Of Household Management"
This is a collection of individual subjects which include; The Best of Mrs Beeton's Puddings & Desserts The Best of Mrs Beeton's Kitchen Garden The Best of Mrs Beeton's Christmas The Best of Mrs Beeton's Household Tips The Best of Mrs Beeton's Jams, Pickles & Preserves The Best of Mrs Beeton's Easy Entertaining The Best of Mrs Beeton's Easy Everday Cooking The Best of Mrs Beeton's Cakes & Baking

I'll post a picture next week when I get my copy. So exciting though. And yes, I am easily pleased. :)


Heavenly Housewife said...

Have you ever checked out They have some awesome deals on cookbooks that have just come out.

Grace said...

who is this mrs beeston and why have i never heard of her? i'll be looking into this, of that you can be certain.

Pam said...

I haven't heard of either book before but I think they both sound great. I'll be on the lookout for both.

Eve said...

HH - Yes, the book people are the fella's that come to my work! I call him book man :). I didn't realize they had a website though. Perfect.

Grace & Pam - Oh dear! really? She is a legend and possibly the first domestic goddess. Born in 1836. Her books of course are very dated but her house hold tips are mostly still used today and her recipes are pure classics. They have pretty much everything on the website so you don't even really need to get the book.

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