Tuesday, 28 July 2009

Joy of reading award

My most favorite selfish but funny housewife (her own words and I totally love she used them) Heavenly Housewife has tagged me for The Joy of Reading award. Not only am I absurdly flattered (eek! my first award of sorts! Excuse me while I do a Hallie Berry) but also excited and a little apprehensive of the task that goes in hand with this award.

The rules are.

1. Collect the book that you have most handy
2. Turn to page 161
3. Find the 5th complete sentence
4. Site the sentence in your blog
5. Pass it on to 5 other bloggers

Apprehensive, you say? Dear Eve, but why? When you have such a full and diverse book shelf. SURELY your reading habits will do your intelligence justice. EXCEPT, you may have caught me on the one week when I decided to "try something a little different" and decided to read a biography/erotica. Hey, I like to mix things up, you know? I DO actually also have "The miracle of mindfulness" sat next to me as well but that's been sat there for weeks collecting dust while I tell myself that eventually when I start on the path to self enlightenment, I'll want to read that, so best to have it handy. Until then though, I'll stick with my porn thankyouverymuch.

The following insert is from "Daddy's Girl" an Erotic Memoir (though I have to say it didn't say that on my cover and I picked it up expecting it too be quite tame. I was pleasantly surprised to discover I was wrong wrong WRONG). This book is about how Stella Black (a famous erotica author) got her inspiration. It revolves around a relationship she had in the early 80's when she meets a father figure and perfect lover. It's hot, it's erotic, it's cringe worthy but it's also really touching because you can feel despite the whippings and paddling's (when she's a bad girl) how much they love each other and how he is in fact, never aggressive towards her despite his actions.

"she would scrutinize me with undisguised suspicion as I pranced around Daddy's sick room in short skirt, knee-high socks and a tight t-shirt portraying the face of a very wonderful Tom Verlaine"

I'm actually really enjoying this book, it's hot enough to get me thinking about doing things to Husband when I get home but not hot enough that I'm *ahem* as Stella Black would say; creaming myself while reading on the bus. The perfect mix, no?

Right, so who to pass the award on too? Forgive me if you have already been tagged for this award but here you go :) An appreciative nod in your direction for continuing to give me a good read whenever I log in to Blogger.

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  2. Yummy at Yummy Mummy on the Edge
  3. JennyMac at Lets Have a Cocktail
  4. Miranda at My Food and Life Encounters
  5. ModernMom at How to Survive Life in the Suburbs

Now, a quick move on too how my day attempted to improve after the ridiculous day at work. I came home today to a brown box on my door step, a delivery from *SQUEE* Karen Millen. My dress my dress! Of course I was practically stripping as I walked in the door and promptly began to pull the dress over my head, I pulled it down, squeezed it down, sucked in hard and wigged it over my hips and bum, held my breath and stretched out on the bed as I attempted to zip it up... pinched my waist between zipper.... gave up. I wanted to cry. NOT a good time to have a fat day. So it's going back, I'm obviously too ambitious to fit into the size I ordered (they don't have a size bigger on the site!) and thus STILL do not own a Karen Millen dress.... I'm telling you guys, I'm going to own an expensive pretty dress if it's the last thing I do. Any suggestions on other shops I can spend my money at?

What a downer.


La Belle Mere UK said...

Ooooooh, thanks for stopping by my blog!! I'm never averse to new followers! Especially fellow Brits (well - Brit by proxy) I'll be following you to! :-)

Might have to buy that book you're reading! Could do with a bit of excitement in my old married life!!!

B xxx

ModernMom said...

Umm Wow! Thank you! How in the world am I ever going to top that! Not going to happen with my bedside reading. I clearly need to step it up a notch. You are ridiculously entertainig!!

I will get this award posted as soon as I can!
Thx :)

Heavenly Housewife said...

Oouch! MY EYES!!!! LOL! They r burning!
Sorry to hear about your dress. That totally sucks. Ok, I will give u my best UK shopping tip: try TK Maxx. Or perhaps for u TK MaXXX no? lol? Seriously, amongst all the crap, there have been times where I found some really cool and super designer stuff. My best find was I got a £400 bag there once for about £ 50. But I've seen some amazing stuff there. It just kind of depends if you get there on a "good day". I find its the only good place for a bargain in the UK.

Grace said...

sounds like a scandalous (and enjoyable) book. thanks for the recognition!!
and meanwhile, is it pathetic that i haven't heard of karen miller?

Eve said...

La Belle - I look forward to getting to know each other! And yes, would totally recommend this book, it definitely made my husband happy! ;)

MM - Haha, well like I said, I got this award when I just happened to be reading something with a little bit of fun too it! Look forward to peeking on your bookshelf.

HH - there is a huge TX Maxx about a 10 minute walk from my house, And I've been considering attacking the racks, but with a 16 month old whining it's so takes the fun out of browsing! might have to do it on a weekend and let the Hubby babysit. I'll let you know if I strike gold!

Grace - Not pathetic at all! a little sad that you have been deprived! In the USA though I think the shops are few and far between. So I can forgive you for this ;)

Miranda said...

Sorry about the dress...
I loved your post and the book you choosed. Very entertaining..haha

Thank you so much for the award. I am very honored....The only books in my house is cookbooks...Can you quote cookbooks?

JennyMac said...

Hi Eve! Thank you so much. I will have to have a smashing book to keep up with you. I look forward to posting this when I have a proper choice. Best to you.

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