Thursday, 23 July 2009

Nigela Lawson is a bit of a hero for me. It started with a crush, in which I would watch her cooking shows wondering how someone could make beating an egg sexy, it soon after turned into admiration. She comes across as not only an extremely passionate chef, but also a attentive mother, wife and host. I wanted to be her. She knows how to make people feel comfortable, fed and looked after. At the time this crush started to develop I was living with my cousin who isweartogod is just like Nigela. You can pop by her house unannounced and some how she'll "russel" up a 4 course fine dining type meal and serve it on her best china while making sure you have a drink and tottering around in her heels and cocktail dress, all the while still being a successful magazine editor. She amazed me. I use to just sit in the kitchen at the breakfast bar and watch her work. I could NOT grasp how she managed it. I wanted to know.

Shortly after living with my cousin I got married and pregnant (shortly as in actually while I was still living with her... Husband and I didn't mess around) and started to think about my future as a mother and wife. Now generally I've always been extremely maternal. I practically raised my kid brother. So I was prepared on this side of things, BUT domestically I was hopeless. My mother is not very domestic nor is my father so I had no one to learn from. It was around the time I started thinking about weaning son that I knew I needed to ditch the microwave meals and start cooking fresh, good old home cooking. This was a year ago now, and I think I've come a real long way. But not nearly long enough.

I'm a perfectionist you see, I like things to be perfect, I like my house to be presentable, I like my food to be enjoyable, I like the satisfaction I get from "looking after my boys". But there is also this battle going on inside me. This dream to be that sexy, perfect housewife (Nigela Lawson) and also this dream to be the me I use to think I would be before marriage and kid came into the picture. This independent, brave, spontaneous individual who didn't care about anything but herself and enjoying life. I don't think I was ever destined to be her though, because I have always been a homebody, "put others first" kind of gal. And that's ok with me, I'm good at it.

And I've also kind of gotten use to constantly having itchy feet. I'm young still though... Plently of time to do it all.


Heavenly Housewife said...

I know what you mean, i really always wanted to be a supermodel, and i am now a housewife ;)
I have never been good at spur of the moment cooking. I like to plan everything out. If i ever had anyone knock on my door for a drop in dinner I would probably hide in the closet and pretend i'm not home. Im no nigella (I just look like one... oh god i kill me!).
p.s. r u on instant messenger or aol? we can chat sometime

Eve said...

Yup, same here. I need my recipe right there next too me! I would love to be able to whip something up justlikethat. maybe one day, for now though I've gotten pretty good at fooling my friends into believing it's all off the top of my head!

Hey if you look like a Nigela shout it from the top of the roof! I would! I use too...And then my clothes budget dropped dramatically when my son was born..who would have though :P But it's ok. I can still look good in a plastic bag.

I'm on AIM: MystyGreat is my handle and would love to chat :)

Heavenly Housewife said...

Cool, I have added u to my thingy. I dont know if I show up as heavenly housewife or as I am new at some of this stuff.
I dont look like nigella, i was kidding, though we do have the same complexion (dark hair, light skin). Have u ever checked out the nigella website? Its really cool with lots of recipes from her books.
Got to start getting ready for bed. Hopefully chat with u soon :).

Eve said...

Oh I love her. Though I'm actually not that huge a fan of her recipes. I don't dislike them but I've never been blown away by any. I think it's more the idea of what she is/embodies that I find appealing.

I've been considering bed for an hour now but got wrapped up in abusing my Littlewoods account!

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