Sunday, 26 July 2009

In which I do the movie and a take-away thing

Saturdays at Eve's place tend to be shopping a pint at the pub and then fish and chips at the local. This usually is all done down by the In-Laws but yesterday Father In-Law had come down with a bad stomach bug so husband and I headed home early and decided to dine in. As I never have anything prepared for dinner on a Saturday (since we are always out) Husband suggested we treated ourselves to a kebab from the shop down the road, I jumped (and maybe squealed) at the idea. We are lucky enough to live two blocks down from the BEST chippy/kebab house this side of London, and Husband and I are very picky about our kebabs. Very. Generally I associate buying a kebab as the second biggest mistake you can make on a night on the town (the first mistake being taking the funny looking fellow home with you). They tend to be rotten and cheap and god knows what kind of meat.

OH but not ours. not ours. Not only is the place when you walk in sparkling clean, so much so that you can see your reflection in all the stainless steel appliances. But also the salad is so fresh it still glistens with water. Is still crisp. We've never ordered a donor kebab (I fear them) we always order a Chicken Shish Kebab, freshly grilled with piles of crisp lettuce, cabbage, onion, cucumber and tomato all stuffed in a toasted pita and a side of garlic mayonnaise and a few hot peppers to accompany it all.

Gorgeous. This again is one of those foods that I rave and rave about, one of those things that if you ever came to visit me I would insist you try it and then watch with glee as you came to the same conclusion I did and always do.


While enjoying our perfect kebab (just writing about it makes me want another one. I would happily get fat one these...these and Baklava) we watched "Seven Pounds" with Will Smith in it. I can't come up with any intelligent thoughts for this movie. I think it was good. I love Will Smith. Another brilliant performance. But just wasn't sure about the movie. I'm pretty sure I liked it but it left me feeling... like I wanted more. but not because it was so good but because I think I deserve it for sitting through it.

Tonight we watch "Burn after reading". Actually looking at the time that will probably have to happen tomorrow now because I'm about to get in the bath and I don't think I can do a late one tonight, it was a busy day. Which I will elaborate on later tonight or maybe in the morning.

Hope your weekend was good.


Heavenly Housewife said...

Yes, a good shish is definitely one of my favorite foods (savory). U have to try Beiruit exress on edgeware road for the best of the best (baklava there is also divine). But you are so right, good kebab places, like good men, r like gold. This chicken looks yummy. Did you get any for the housewife? Sounds so nice: eating kebabs and sitting with the hubby.
I just saw a good movie this week, called The Proposal. Didn't think i would like it, but i did :D.

Eve said...

It was a lovely evening. And now might have to make a trip to edgeware road this weekend! We're heading down that way on Saturday to get Son a suit for the wedding.

The Proposal is with Sandra Bullock right? I love her movies. :)

Grace said...

glorious! it’s truly hard to top some good middle eastern food, and the chicken shish kebab is almost always my dish of choice. i like that they left it for you to assemble to your own tastes—sounds like a great place!

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