Friday, 31 July 2009

someone needs to stop me

I've come home today and locked my MasterCard in my keepsake box where it shall now stay. Went to go and exchange Son's suit we bought him for a smaller size and again under the suggestion of Heavenly Housewife (Who is now totally my "go too" woman for all things shopping) went to TX Maxx to hunt for a bargain. I was looking for a bag mostly because husband had pointed out I had a hole in mine (he instantly regretted this when he realized what it would open me up to saying, "guess I better go shopping then!"), but of course one can't go into TX Maxx and JUST come out with a bag! I did get a great XOXO bag, I love that brand because they're classy but also a little punk, just like me. Also came away with another dress and pair of heels. AND found an amazing bargain! Prada perfume and Fuel for Life by Diesel cologne each for 20 quid. 20 quid!! That stuff is 80 in the shops. Crazy. This also means I got hubby a present so maybe he'll forgive me, he loves presents. :)

You know how women tend to be either shoe or bag women? I'm a shoe woman for sure. I own a lot of shoes and a lot of BIG heels, though I don't get to wear those often because Hubby is (much to my dismay) only 2 inches taller than me as it is, and he hates it when I tower over him. But I've never ever owned more than one bag, I've always just had a everyday bag (which has to be big to fit all the books/notepads/makeup/baby paraphernalia) and a couple of clutches for the special occasions (though I'm not classy enough not to just stuff money down my bra if I can get away with it). But I think I could get into bags.... think I wouldn't mind doing that at all.

In other fantastic news my son just had a poo! This usually (obviously) is not an exciting thing but he hasn't pooped for three days and I was starting to get worried.

And now, my 'Note from the Universe' for today:

Playing make-believe, Mystical, is always the start of believing.
Where shall we go today, Mystical?
The Universe

so fitting. Oh, yes btw, as it's Friday today this means it's the day after I see my therapist which means I'm awfully thoughtful so you may want to expect some sort of deep, mindful post later. But it's totally possible it'll only end up being about more baby poo and so forth. We shall see how the day develops.

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