Sunday, 2 August 2009

Baking Day #1

Sunday is typically baking day for me. I get up early with Son (allowing husband to sleep in) and we bake together. The past couple of weeks it's been muffins and Pam at For The Love of Cooking has been my source of inspiration and recipes. So this week I decided to try her Blueberry - Yogurt Muffins. As you can tell by the picture of Son cramming them into his mouth as fast as humanly possible, they were a hit! This recipe was sweet and simple and will so be used again.

Also a story that is relative, Son on Friday was playing with my camera and after he threw it as hard as he could on our hard wood floor the lens got stuck sticking out and the camera wouldn't turn on. I think this was a fixable problem, but now my beloved shiny brand new camera is at the bottom of the bin because Husband decided he wanted to try and fix it. without my consent I might add... many a piece came off, and it got to the point where he couldn't even figure out where each bit was suppose to go. Husband is under the belief that because he is a man and because he is a Director of Engineering (though not an IT or tech one of ANY sort. building engineer...and generally he's quite useless with computers and the such. types with two fingers. It's painful to watch) he should be able to fix ANYTHING. Not the case, though I don't have the heart to stop him as I know his intentions are good. Anyway, I have no camera and have been having to use Husband's phone which has got every gadget you could imagine on it except a good camera. Useless. The only plus out of this is now hopefully husband will buy me a nice new Camera. I am thinking the Canon PowerShot S5 IS.

My chili plant is sprouting da' chili's now. So I donated my first one too my neighbor in the hope that she would share with me whatever she made (I also delivered it with half the blueberry - yogurt an encourager). She of course, did not let me down.

This (again sorry for the useless photo) was delivered to me around 4pm, perfect time for a light bite on a Sunday afternoon. It was an assorted platter (ooooobviously) of chicken wings, in a crunchy salty peppery chilly batter that was so packed with flavour Husband and I were delighted. In the middle there we've got kind of like tempura eggplant/aubergine, a lovely moist fluffy batter with a bit of kick. Son wolfed these down like he hadn't eaten for days. Most impressed! and then on the very right little lentil and chili balls. they were crunchy on the outside, soft on the inside and VERY spicy, just the way I liked them! but the dip... oh that ugly looking green dip. So fresh! Tomatoes, coriander, red onion, chili....maybe something else? all pureed into this fresh cool spicy heaven!

Husband, Son and I sat out in the late sun and chowed down. It's been a pretty good Weekend if I do say so myself.

I'm more in love with Neighbor than ever. I am also going to have to insist she walks me though making these because if Son likes them then I'm going to have to make them!


Pamela said...

Sounds like you've gotta good trading thing going on with your neighbor. Sorry about the camera, but the new one seems like a good one. Go for it. :o)

Your son is absolutely beautiful! Thanks for sharing the pics of him.

Heavenly Housewife said...

What a darling little son u have. He looks like a little dolly. Let us know when u get your new camera. I just got one and its okay, nothing special. I use hubbys camera all the time. He looks at me like i'm going to break it, so i use it when he's not home.
I guess your neighbors are indian? The fried aubergine thing is called pekora (i dont know if i'm spelling that right). I love it when its just fresh. My mother in law does it with potatoes and onions.

Eve said...

Pamela - To live next to a foodie is brilliant! Especially since we both cook different things it makes swaping much more interesting! And thank you, I think he's pretty darn cute too :)

HH - Pekora! exactly. I knew it was something like that, just couldn't remember! :) Yes, neighbor is Indian though I think she's been here for a long time. I'm suspecting knowing husband I won't get a camera until Christmas now, and then if he remembers :P

Miranda said...

Wow..he is a cutie! He looks close to my babies age...She is 19 months.

I love your storeis

Eve said...

Thank you! He's 17 months, so yes, close in age. :)