Monday, 10 August 2009

Clear out in all sense of the word

Oh god, someone help me. This is one of those days when I wish I lived in America because right now I would be insisting my mother ditched worked and got her but over to mine to help out.

I have a mammoth list of errands to run around town. Things I could have done over the weekend but didn't because Saturday was Bob day and then Sunday was Mother-in-laws 65th Birthday and that was a whole day of celebrating. So I figured, it'd be fiiiine, I can cram it all in on Monday before work on Tuesday.

Of course we wake up this morning to a projectile vomiting and shitting Son. It's pretty gruesome. I've had to disinfect his whole bedroom (due to an exploding nappy...and I don't mean that lightly) AND the sofa (due to Breakfast coming back up quick and fast). My house smells. The inscents are doing nothing.

Son though, luckily, is not acting sick. Is still generally happy and playing and does not have a fever, I've only been feeding him toast and water and he's napping now but I'm just really unsure if I'll be able to get out today. Have begged Husband to come home early so I can go run the errands but early still isn't until 5pm. Right now I should be hanging up laundry and cleaning the bathroom (yup, it's that time again) but I kind of need a breather.

And what to do for Dinner?! I have nothing in the house and I was planning on doing Pam's Shredded Pork Taquitos over at For the love of cooking. But find it unlikely I will have time to do this now. Especially since I don't have the pork.... I need a quick meal idea for tonight, and I fancy Mexican but don't want to have t buy bucket loads of ingredients...Suggestions?

So much to do. Anyone want to run my errands for me? Or run my life?

Bring food.


Heavenly Housewife said...

Lol you make your son sound like the exorcist!!!
I use the El Paso fajita kits, they are really good. All you need is chicken breast, onions, and some colored peppers. Its yummy and easy. You cant give the hubby home cooking every night ;)

ModernMom said...

Ug. Hope your little one has stopped all that throwing up business and feels better soon. For both your sakes!

Miranda said...

I hate when they are younger and can't make it to the bathroom. They manage to throw up everywhere. I usually lay lots of blankets down on the carpet. If that helps a little.