Friday, 14 August 2009

A feast with friends

As I previously mentioned Wife came over to stay for two nights this week. She needed a break and we were more than happy to give it too her. Of course though, Son decides to come down with a cold so there was very little peace and "girly time" (until husband was due home and he came in as we were walking out... "off to the pub!").

I've been on a Mexican run the last few days and of course, who else would you go too for gorgeous Mexican recipes other than Pam at For the Love of Cooking? Wednesday night I made her Black bean green chili and sharp Cheddar
which I have to say were out STANDING. These might even be my weekly Mexican hit, now. So easy, so store cupboard do-able, and perfect for lunch or/and dinner. Husband didn't get any (home to late and they were gone quick!) so I've promised to make them on Monday for him too. Too yummy. I really must insist any Mexican lovers try these.

Tonight I made her Mexican rice casserole, which was easy enough to throw together, Son wouldn't touch it, but this didn't surprise me because he is not a fan of beef or mince. Once I'd served it up I was feeling a bit hesitant because I'm not particularly good with presentation as of yet, but once it passed our lips Husband and I were very pleased. Husband went for seconds too! which actually isn't unusual but he's not as big a fan of Mexican as I am, so slightly surprising. Another winner. Oh, and Pam? thank you thank you.

It was a good few days, although son has this cold which leaves me anxious and worried all the time. He has a real nasty cough at the moment but he's much better now, playing, laughing, sleeping. Has taken to dancing on his tip-toes with his arms out like a ballerina. Husband was well pleased.

Tomorrow, the wedding. Which after spending nearly 300 quid on new outfits for the three of us, I am told yesterday that it is casual wear. Men in jeans and shirts, women in summer dresses if they really want. Now excuse my language, but why the fuck didn't she tell me that 5 months ago, or 2 months ago, or IN THE INVITATION?!?!

I spent 50+ quid on Son's new suit that he now doesn't need and will probably not get another opportunity to wear. Husband is now not wearing his dapper 3-piece and I don't get to view him in it. This has really ticked me off. I am still wearing my dress, they can all go to hell, don't care if I'm "over-dressed" I'll just consider it "The best dressed".

I had my last therapy session on Thursday for the next two weeks as therapist is on holiday. I'm going to miss it, if not only for the 2 hour break I get from home. One day, when I have the time and focus I might write a more detailed and stronger blog post than my posts have been of late. But it's all been a bit crazy lately. Can you forgive me?

Also starting this Sunday I have a pile of several dessert recipes I have been dying to try and have decided I will bang them all out next week. I'll keep you updated.


Abi said...

Those "Black Bean, Green Chili, and Sharp Chedder Fluatas" look AhMAZING, definitely will be cooking them up in the near future. Just need to pop to the store and purchase the essentials (I know all of that should be in my cupboard but sadly I am seriously lacking as of late)

Love your Blog ;)

Heavenly Housewife said...

That would pee me off like nobody's business about the whole wedding clothes deal. Definitely wear your dress anyway.... and give a crappy gift!

JenJen said...

Screw 'em. Wear what you want!
My husband would be pleased if my son was tippity toeing around, too.

Eve said...

Abi - Thank you. And you should try them! You would really love them, so would you Mum for that matter. ;)

HH - Tell me about it! They got no gift, we used the age old "have an new baby and can't afford it" excuse...which isn't true, but now I'd much rather spend the money on myself! :P

JenJen - thanks for the support! See my most recent post and now I'm kinda wishing I did go in jeans though! It's ok, at least I'll be remembered. :)