Saturday, 8 August 2009

How did this happen?

I have Bob. Well not Bob actually because Bob is the rabbit in the picture of the previous post. This is a new Bob. A different rabbit but still Bob... How this happened is...complicated.

The plan (why is there ever a plan?) was to go to the pet shop today to buy all the rabbit gear and then tomorrow afternoon go and collect the rabbit. So, off we go to the pet shop. We walk in and I already have in my mind what I'm going to buy and how much it will cost (research baby), When we arrive I strut in (imagine if you will: Black pencil skirt with lace trim, white/pink striped sleeveless blouse, black heels, designer bag and Son covered in recently devoured lunch on my hip) and say "I'm want everything I need to keep a Rabbit". The staff loved me, and instantly showed me this huge double story, stair case with separate sleeping courtiers rabbit hutch on sale for only 100 quid. That thing was bigger than OUR house. I said no, I was told before I could get everything I need including the hutch for 80 smackaroons. No no no! They say. If you're keeping a rabbit the hutch you're talking about is too small! ...But it's called a Rabbit hutch, I say. For keeping Rabbits? Yes, but it's too small. So...why is it a Rabbit hutch then? shouldn't it be a gerbil hutch or something? This went on for a good hour, me loitering in the shop confused as my whole "walk in and get out" plan goes to shit. Now I don't know what I want... Eventually a dirty diaper calls me to my senses and we have to leave the shop to change Son. While in the fresh air (well, fresh minus the dirty nappy smell), Husband who is feeling equally harassed suggests we go to the farm down the road that has a Pet's Corner and see if they do Hutch's and we can get a better deal.

So off we go.

There, they do us a deal, 85 for a hutch all the trimmings and a baby rabbit thrown in. DEAL we say! DEAL! Give us our Rabbit! But wait...we have a rabbit, we only need the gear.. Ah, but you can only get that deal if you take a Rabbit too. Hm. So again, an hour spent loitering in a shop unsure...Confused because now we are having to think and consider things we don't really want to have too think about. Can't I just have my Rabbit? Can't this be easy?
Husband says "yes, it can. Let's just get this one" I nod, exasperated and now, just wanting to go home.

Give us the lot, we say. Sure thing, says the employee. But not for 4 weeks, The Rabbits are still too young to leave their mother.

BLAST! I shake my head while trying to balance annoyed and bored toddler on my hip. Really fed up now I say, to husband and anyone that will listen, "This is too confusing and not nearly as pleasurable and exciting experience as I hoped. We're going home" I'm thinking we'll think on it over night, I'll do a bit of online hunting for some deals and we'll see what comes of it Sunday morning.

And we leave.

Is that the end? Noooooooooooooo. Of course not.

We go to Colchester now, heading to Karen Millen to return my toosmall dress (it hurt, btw. giving that beautiful dress back) and we walk past a private owned little of the beaten track pet shop. "Let's go in!" Says I "These kind of places will always do deals!"

And they did. We got it all. Rabbit and all, for 80 quid. As soon as the transaction was done and we were tromping back to the car to load up (which took try loading a huge stroller, a huge hutch and a box with a rabbit in it into a average size sedan. How Husband managed it I do not know) I started to doubt. The rabbit was bought in haste and in frustration and in a desperate state of just getting it over with. In hind sight, we should have just kept walking, gone back tomorrow and reserved the ones at the Pets Corner for 4 weeks time.

But we have Bob. And I have to say, he's pretty darn perfect. He's very cute, very little and surprisingly very tame. He hasn't flinched once while Son has chased him screaming around the garden, and he's sat quietly in son's lap while he pets and prods him. And I'm awfully proud of Son because he's being very gentle. Toddler gentle of course, so not delicate, but you can tell he's trying. We let Bob run around the house for a bit and Son just followed behind him slowly, sticking bits of treat under his nose when he could. He's so sweet, and I'm happy. Bob seems laid back enough to be able to handle our house hold.

Phew though! Who would have though a Rabbit would disrupt a day so!

I'll post a picture soon. When I get a camera! :P

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Miranda said...

First of all, your post on my site was so funny. You totally crack me up!

Another great post. I use to have a rabbit as a child, but my mom killed it by feeding it onions...
Do not feed it onions. LOL.