Wednesday, 26 August 2009

I'll make it sweet on the lips, i'll simply knock you out

I'm on a mission to bake a New York Style cheese cake. This craving started on Monday when Husband and I were watching the friends episode "The one with all the cheese cakes", I got it in my head that I needed one, I don't remember the last time I had a New York Style Cheese Cake. And really, those are the best ones. So I've been scouring the Internet for the perfect recipe and I believe I may very well have found it. I'll be attempting this on the Bank Holiday Monday I think and will of course, let you know how it goes.
Husband called me up last Thursday to let me know he was fraternising with the likes of Russell Brand and Simon Cowell. This is not an unusual occurrence for Husband as through his place of work he tends to meet quite a lot of celebrities. I'm use to this and when I worked there experienced it myself, chatting with and eyeing up men with Alan Carr. But on Thursday Husband had called because rumor was floating around his work place that Christina Aguilera was in the building.
Now, let me tell you a couple of things about myself. Growing up in and around San Francisco made me an Alternative girl at heart. My iPod play list consists of anything and everything but my spirits instantly lift and I get a warm "welcome home" feeling when tracks the like of Jimmy Eat World, Incubus, Artic Monkeys, Badly Drawn Boy, Counting Crows, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Billy Idol, The Flaming Lips, The Foo Fighters and Stereophonics come on. I am and will always be, a late 80's-90 rock girl.

But, I also have a great appreciation for girl pop. Or maybe it's more so just the girl than it is the pop. Either way I have always had a soft spot for my girls Christina and Britney. Husband knows that if anything is on TV regarding them he best leave the remote alone and let me dance around the living room while salivating over their very well proportioned and perfect bodies. He also knows that if anyone ever brings them up in conversation prepare your self for a long debate over which one you would marry and which one you would have the affair with (the answer to this always changes depending on my mood and what I fancy at the time).

So, you can imagine, that when Husband told me about the rumor that Christina was in his building I absolutely flipped. Usually, I am a hard one to get star struck and although I of course will have a look, I don't seek out to engage them in predictable conversation nor do I need an autograph. You see a lot of celebrities living in London and I use to see a lot living in San Fransisco too. BUT. Christina? A whole different story. Husband is generally like me, will not make a big deal of it (especially since he seems to be fraternising with them all the time... I say the word Celebrity and "them" like that are a higher being or something. hah.) so I of course am freaking out more.
Me: For the love of God, if you miss this opportunity to hook your wife up with her most favourite girl don't come home tonight!
Husband: What do you want me to do? Ask her for her knickers?!
Me: Of course not! Well... Not like that at least. You must be able to word it better.
Husband: I am suppose to be the professional in this Establishment. It's not going to look very good for me if I'm seen begging for autographs, let alone knickers.
Me: I don't care what it makes you look like! If you loved me, you'd do this.
Husband: If I see her, I will try and speak to her for you, but I'm not going to track her down.
Me: Oh yes you are! this is once in a life time! (I at this point am hyperventilating a little. I don't know what came over me)
Husband: (Laughing at me)
Me: Listen, just go up to her and be cool, strike up a conversation, be flirty but polite, and then casually mention that your wife is a fan and also is extremely attracted to her and would love to take her out for a drink... But make sure you make me sound interesting a cool and not desperate and like a crazed fan.
Husband: So I'm not asking for her knickers?
Me: Well if it comes up then don't turn it down, but no... Don't ask right off for her knickers.

After that I reluctantly hung up with my heart a fluttering and wondering if Husband would pull through. It was a tense time. maybe 30 minutes later my phone rings and I suddenly have images that Husband is sat with Christina and they're laughing and chatting and then she suggests she calls me from his phone, you know, to surprise me, a loyal fan. Quickly I try and think of a fun, sexy yet appropriate greeting and after letting it ring twice more realize I shouldn't keep a lady in waiting, so answer with an lame "yo!"

It's only Husband, ringing to tell me that after I had hyped him up he had grabbed a marker and went looking for my girl to get her to sign my favourite tie of his, Only to be told the rumors were not true and that although she was in the movie she was not in the scene they were shooting and so was not on set.

OH WHY?!?! I seriously have never been so fan girlish in all my life. SO unlike me. But geeze... Just goes to show how deep my love runs for my girls.

Also, I love how they are both mums and despite that they still seem to have managed to maintain their most fabulous bodies... How?! I mean, didn't they get loose flesh and wobbly bits and strangely big nipples? And if they did but then "cured it", how? ... I won't except exercise as a valid answer. I won't.

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Heavenly Housewife said...

Mmmm cheesecake... drool :)...
I take a good cake over a pretty boy any day (even famous ones)