Thursday, 20 August 2009

I'm just a teenage dirtbag baby

I remember vividly on my 20th Birthday how I made a toast to "No more zits, spots or pimples!". Although I never had serious acne I was always spotty and dreamt often about how once I was out of my retched teen's I would have clear, smooth and perfect skin.
How disappointed was I when I discovered on my 20th birthday they didn't magically all disappear.
It's a lot better now, and I've become a dab hand with the concealer, but I do then to get a few pop up during my period. I've never used any special creams other than Body Shop's Tea Tree range (which is. Amazing btw.) because I keep trying to fool myself that eventually I'll "grow up" and never had spots again.
So to summarize.
Not only am I on my period for this highly anticipated date on Friday, but I now also have a mine field on my chip.
Sexy. no?
Quick question as well, I've written a veryvery long post and wanted to cut it... you know, so that you have to click the link to read more? So that I don't overwhelm and/or bore people with my tale... Anyone know how to do this?


Abi said...

Body Shop now tests on Animals because they were bought out by Loreal who tests GALORE on Animals! They do honestly have a beautiful range of products (most of which were forumlated by Lush's owner and creator) but I would switch to Lush or another brand that doesn't test on animals....100% Cruelty Free!! :) They have Tea Tree Water and Grease Lightening all B E A utiful for the occasion acne breakouts and the Tea Tree Water has Juniper Berry in it which will scrub out all those nasty black heads ....

ok.....enough of my ethics....

I had the same thing with doesn't get better....its the same......I hate it......I am going to the doctor soon to see a perscription because my acne gets uber bad sometimes....complete LAME....

ModernMom said...

Sorry van't help you with the posting thing!

Thought I would let you know I finally posted the What's on Your BookShelf meme! Better late than never right?