Monday, 17 August 2009

A little toddler insight

From my weekly BabyCenter e-mail:

Some children surprise with another kind of force — hitting, especially when they're frustrated. The most likely target: you. It's counter-intuitive, but this is actually a sign of trust. A 17-month-old child knows that you're a safe person to show just how upset and frustrated he can get.

Phew! Because I thought he just hated me. This actually gives me a little glee as well, because he never hits Daddy and so Husband is always rubbing in my face that it's because he's the favourite. Obviously not, buddy. Hah! 1- nil to Mummy!

This past weekend I made two desserts. Very similar recipes and idea's but one was Lemon the other Chocolate. First I shall share the Lemon Pudding recipe, because it was divine, SO very simple and light enough to enjoy a big helping (which I say is always a plus).

Again, I nabbed the picture from the magazine I got the recipe from, so all credit to them blahblah. I am ashamed to say Husband still has not got me a camera, am now considering threatening with divorce if I don't get one soon. Though on some days this he may see as a relief. ;)

Lemon Pudding
Recipe & picture from EasyCook Magazine

50g butter
200g caster sugar
zest of 1 lemon
100ml lemon juice
3 eggs, separated
50g plain flour, sifted
250ml milk
icing sugar for dusting
  1. Heat the oven to 180C/fan 160/gas gas 4. Whizz the butter, sugar and lemon zest until they are pale and creamy in a food processor. Add the lemon juice, egg yolks, flour and milk one by one until you have a smooth batter. Whisk the egg whites until firm but not stiff, and fold the two mixtures together.
  2. Pour into a buttered ovenproof soufflé or baking dish and put it in a baking tray half filled with hot water. Bake for 45-50 minutes until the top is lightly browned and set and there is a sort of gooey lemon curd below. Remove the dish from the tray, dust with icing sugar and serve hot, with or without cream.


Pam said...

The hitting phase is no fun.

I am loving the lemon pudding - lemon is my favorite dessert flavor. It looks wonderful.

Hilary said...

I LOVE these English 'self-saucing' puddings. This looks delish - I may have to try it out.

Sorry to hear your son is going through a let's-hit-mum phase. This too shall pass! :)

Heavenly Housewife said...

That pudding looks fab :). U r becoming quite the betty crocker lol, your hubby must b pleased. Please remind him to take u somewhere lovely, u deserve it!

Eve said...

Pam - I can only hope the novelty wears off before he gets much bigger!

Hilary - Let me know if you do! It was so easy and as a huge fan of lemon, very tasty! :)

HH - I know! I'm in the process of trying to warm him to the idea of night or two in Paris myself actually. Last time we went I was 7months pregnant so there wasn't much shopping done :P