Friday, 7 August 2009

Meet Bob

This is Bob. Bob is Son's new pet. We pick him up on Sunday. Husband and I had agreed that this coming Christmas we would buy Son ( a pet. We didn't want a cat and our garden isn't big enough for a dog. I voted for a snake (I use to keep them) but Husband is a big scaredy cat. So we settled on a bunny. Thing is though, you ain't gonna find any baby bunnies (I believe they are called Kit's) in December. So here there you go. Sunday, we get Bob.

I'm so excited for us. Saturday to the pet shop for all the paraphernalia. Too cute. This will make up for dumping Son unceremoniously at Nursery this morning. Hah.

Thanks btw HH and Miranda for the kind words. I think I just needed to get my guilt of my chest to make me feel better. If that makes sense. Will blog more insightful things when am not at work and do not have bunny's on the brain.