Thursday, 13 August 2009

A montage

Magic 105.4 is playing a montage of my youth. I swear. Each song is taking me back. Some of them to cringe worthy embarrassing teen moments and some songs to moments filled with love and hope. It's very nice an all except I'm sat here with my mood's changing so fast people will think I've hit menopause already.

It always amazes me how a song can move you so strongly.

I am not on the ball today, seems this is catching though because everyone in my office is flustered and anxious. I feel I have good reason... Son is sick and I'm still doing the "Mummy guilt" thing that I can't make him magically better. He's not that sick though... He's just got a little bit of a cold, which means I can't justify going to the Doctor's to hear him assure me that I'm doing everything I should be doing.

I seriously feel I'm in need of a pint. No cocktail, no wine, screw the champagne, I need a pint. A manly, put hairs on my chest, pint. And a fag... ooo or a cigar. Hah.

I've been enlighten to my true calling recently. I should be a professional thief. I can forge signatures, I can pick locks, I can hot wire a car and I can smell money a mile away. Now, I couldn't be a cat bugler, I'm far to clumsy for that... Oh and also, I don't know how to do these things because I was a "troubled teen" or anything. I use to lock myself out all the time when I was a kid (by accident) so learnt how to pick locks with bobby pins, and I had a friend that was a car fanatic (he was who really got me into my cars) and taught me the hot wiring thing... Forging signatures... Daddy's credit card, baby.

Someone at work asked if they could count my freckles.

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