Sunday, 23 August 2009

Say cheese!

I forgot to mention I bought myself a camera last week. Called Husband up on Monday and said "Can I have a new camera" and he said "ok". Surprisingly simple but also disappointing, there was that little bit of me hoping that one evening in the week he was going to come home with a cheeky smile and a hand behind his back and it would go something like this:

Husband: Honey, come here. I have a surprise for you.
Me: Oh, for me?!...what did you do?
Husband: Nothing, silly! I just wanted to get you something. Can a man get the love of his life a gift once in a while?
Me: I suppose so

Then he would unveil this beautifully wrapped box, which he would insist I sit down comfortably to open and once I had revealed my nice new shiny camera he would then continue to sit with me and help me work out all the gizmo's.

But I suppose you have to take what you can get, and although Husband is a very brilliant husband, he is extremely rubbish at anything that would be considered a classic gesture of love, if you follow. Which I get now (3 frustrating Christmas's/birthdays and valentines days later).

So I bought myself a bog standard Samsung 10.2 mega pixels camera. It was a deal and although I do want the flash $500 camera, I shall leave THAT baby for Husband to think over come Christmas time. I choose this camera for a specific reason though... It has a setting called "Beauty Shot", I've never seen this before. This mode and I quote "retouches the subjects skin to make it appear smooth and blemish free".. BRILLIANT. And it works! And you may recall from my previous post, when my monthly pal is visiting she tends to make herself known on my face as well.

I suppose some of you may be wondering how Friday went, the BIG date. I'm compiling my thoughts into a blog post to be done tomorrow, don't worry, pictures and stories to come! But for now I'm elbow deep in the monthly online grocery shopping chore. I use to hate grocery shopping online but now I love it, Once a month for all the staples and it's like Christmas has come early when Tesco knocks at my door.

I'm so easily pleased.


Heavenly Housewife said...

Congrats on your new camera! I've never done an online shopping, but maybe i should try it in the winter time (when I hate going out in the cold).

Eve said...

Oh you must try it! It is so exciting to unpack your shopping, because if your anything like me you forget what you ordered 24 hours after ordering it! :)