Wednesday, 19 August 2009

These fickle, fuddled words confuse me, Like 'Will it rain today?'

I'm sure as you all know, I'm pretty rubbish at titling my posts. So I think from now on I'll try using a lyric that in some way represents the post. Also feel free to guess the song/artist each time. I might send you baked goods. :)

Son has reached the infamous "no" stage. Everything is no. would you like water? no. Would you like to play? no. Would you like to sit? no. Would you like to stand? no. Would you like to lay down? no. Would you like to go live with your grandmother for two weeks while your mother recovers from going crazy? no.

He just sits there pointing at everything, and then saying no when I offer it too him. omg someone please tell me this stage only last a week. Or better 48 hours. When he is in a good mood (which I have to say, is a lot of the time) he's so much fun and so silly and has such a brilliant sense of humor. but when he gets in that mood... It's like it never ends. If he didn't say it in such a sing song cute voice I would have probably already pulled my hair out, but it is kind of sweet.

You know, I still don't feel like a mother. I find it easy and natural to say "I have a son" but is I or someone refers to me as a Mum I feel very trippy. Like my jaw drops and I have to restrain myself from saying allowed "oh fuck, so I am". It's odd especially since I have fallen into motherhood so naturally and I have always been maternal. I love being Son's mother. I love every second of it. But... to think that for the rest of my life someone will be calling me Mum, well... That's big! And to think that no matter what happens to Husband and I's relationship (and lets hope nothing does happen, but IF) we will always be someones Mum and Dad, thus always making us a pair.

Does that mean I'm like...committed? Heavy...

I wonder if anyone understands what I'm trying to communicate though. I'm not surprised and I know what I'm in for and I've never been happier and more complete in my life. BUT... It's still, when spelt out for me, weird.

When do you feel like a mother? Will I suddenly have this huge urge to buy a mini van, badly perm my hair, invest in the best vacuum cleaner money can buy and start wanting to wear long ankle length skirts and my husband's shirts? This is apparently what will happen when I really realize I am a mother according to certain people i shall not name (for further reasons I cannot say), I will start to not care about small things such as my appearance, staying fit/trim, and personal achievements/happiness. If that's the case then I'd much rather not, thankyouverymuch. I quite like the way we work now.And lets be honest here, I can't get away with wearing mini skirts for much longer so it's best to take advantage of this until I do reach the ripe old age of "I can't believe she's wearing that at her age!".


Heavenly Housewife said...

your a mother, but u r still u. y cant u both? why should your tastes change. Also keep in mind you are a pretty young mother. i say wear mini skirts till your legs r ugly lol :).

JenJen said...

Rock that mini! I'm a mom of two kids: 8 and 6. They run me ragged. I stayed home for a spell, went back to work, and now am home again.
It isn't hard for me to maintain a bit of 'sauciness' --exercise, do your toes.
The best peice of advice I can give:
Be your husband's girlfriend.

yummy said...

Hello Hun

Just added you on my blog roll.

Not only do I appreciate your flag waving but I enjoy reading and seeing your wonderful food.

All a comfort.

Hugs B x

ModernMom said...

I'm a mother to a 7 and 10 year old BUT...I'm also the one and only to my Hubby. Still rockin the mini..oh Ok. Still tryin to rock the mini. Still pulling off the too tight T and always remembering when the kids are long gone it will be just the two of us again. I am and hope to always be a Yummy Mummy! lol

Eve said...

HH - Thank you yet again :) And yes, I do need to remember I'm a young mum. I suppose because husband is older and son has aged me I seem to forget often that I am in fact, still young.

JenJen - I love that!! That is so my new Mantra. Be my husband's girlfriend. Brilliant :)

Yummy - Hello and thank you! It's always a pleasure :) x

MM - Ah, to think one day it will just be the two of us again, We probably won't know what to do with each other by then! The too tight-T is always a good look!