Tuesday, 18 August 2009

What's your fantasy

What's your fantasy I previously mentioned that Husband and I gave each other a "fulfill my fantasy" letter on Valentines day. His, I fulfilled. This coming Friday, he will fulfill mine.

I like to reminisce. I do it a lot, about the "good 'ol days". I particularly get quite whimsical when I think of the first few months of Husband and I's affair. You know how it is; the excitement, the nerves, the butterflies and racing heart. Asking questions about each other, telling stories. I miss that, husband knows all the answers to my questions and knows all my stories.

So, here is the fantasy:

I, am a single woman and I've been set up on a blind date by a friend. I go to a hotel bar to meet my mystery man, but alas... he does not show. As I'm downing another cocktail all on my lonesome, a handsome chap walks in and orders a drink. Spots me, and offers to buy me a drink. ME feeling very sorry for myself decide to accept. Begin the challenge of seduction.

Husband is suppose to be in London "on business" so he has a hotel room... Now I've told him there is no guarantee's that I'll be going to his hotel room, it all depends on how well he charms me (and how well he liquors me up).

Well, you get the idea. We're "starting over" as of sorts. But the catch is we have to be different people as well. I mean, yeah I'm still going to be me, but I need a different job, a different history, or when Husband is asking questions, getting to know me, he'll know everything I'm going to say.

SO this is where you lot come in. What should I be? I want it to be something realistic (so not some crazy powerful company director... I am only 24 lets remember) and something I know enough about that I could probably fool someone into believe it's what I did.

First I was thinking something to do with food. I like food, I can talk about food. But realistically, at 24 I couldn't be a restaurant critic, could I? Maybe a pastry chef? But is that alluring, or boring? Maybe that would be my hobby. I don't want anything to do with writing because he'll expect that. I'm thinking a trainee psychologist. I work with them and I listen enough to probably blag my way through it... And I have some interesting stories about crazy people.

Idea's anyone? Also on my history. why am I in England for example?

Oh also, go here for a sneak peek at the dress I'll be wearing. I have to say, I'd do me wearing this dress. AND although Karen Millen holds my heart I think I might be having an affair with Jane Norman


Heavenly Housewife said...

Okay, l'll have to think about this one... this is fun lol. Judging by the outfit (becaue of the skirt) I would say sexy student. So what about if you are in London doing your PhD in psychology or something?

My fantasy is not having to mow the lawn.

Abi said...

I like the idea of you going to University, I think though PhD is for someone in there 30's but you could definitely be going for your Masters! like just finished your first degree and is now working on your Masters in psychology or another field you are interested in and know well.......:)

JenJen said...

I don't know what you should be, but I think I need to start this fantasy business with my husband!

Eve said...

HH - Perfect! in London to do my PhD. And I so love the sexy student thing, gives me the youth AND the brains :). Oooo I hate mowing the lawn, which is why I always make Hubby do it. :)

Abi - Actually I'd be only 2 years of finishing my PhD now and becoming a Dr. with also allowing myself a gap year between highschool and Uni (in which I of course travel the world and am very interesting ;P) Psychology is differnt (least in the UK) you don't do a masters, you do an undergraduate for 3 years, 1 year work experience and then a 3 year doctorate. So, I think it'll fit nicely!

JenJen - I'll let you know how Friday goes and then see if I recomend it! Might be awkward and go to pots! fingers crossed though.