Tuesday, 1 September 2009

House Husband?

Husband made dinner last night and what a dinner it was! Vegetable lasagne. Not quite sure how he made it nor what he put in it (he doesn't share his secrets), though I do know he never uses a recipe, but from what I did catch looked like he roasted some chosen veg for 40 or so minutes (I tasted peppers, onion, mushrooms, whole garlic cloves, zucchini maybe?) and then layered it all with the lasagne sheets and some cheese sauce. I don't really care how he made it (because if I knew that might mean I would have to make it. Ignorance is bliss) as long as he makes it again. I went back for seconds! I never go back for seconds.

Oh, also, he made me take the picture. I think he's trying to impress you guys. Like "check me out! Husband that cooks!".... Is it working? I think it would have worked more if he had also served this with a bottle of champagne and a nice ruby ring on the side... for wearing obviously. Don't you agree?

Theta Mum made a blog post today that reminded me of something I wanted to ask fellow mum's out there.

Dinner time and bed time for toddlers...When is yours? Son is 18 months old and dinner time is between 6-6.30 and he's in bed by 8pm. Now, for me, I think this sounds pretty good, and it seems to work for him but those 3 days a week I work I don't get home until 6-6:30 most nights, which means if we were to have dinner together as a family it wouldn't be until 7:30pm at the earliest. Which is too late for little one...right?

So... My question. How the hell do you ever manage to have dinner together? I've seen the movies and the American sitcoms... Dinner at 6pm... on the table... with the whole family involved... laughing and drinking milk from a big glass jug... right? HOW THE HELL DO I GET THAT!??! Because even on the days I don't work Husband doesn't get home until 7pm...which means even if I was awfully organized and had dinner ready he wouldn't be there to have it with us...which means he would have to eat re-heated food and I have a real problem with serving my husband re-heated food (don't as because I don't know).

So at the moment we're cooking a dinner for Son at 6pm and then we wait until he's in bed and eat at 8pm-ish. Which, you know, is nice. Because we get a real sit down adult dinner. But I feel guilty for not having the family dinner time (other than on a weekend). Should I move his bedtime to later (ohgodpleasesayno) or is this just something that will develop as he gets older? ... I just. I can't get it. I don't understand. Make me understand! I need to understand if I'm going to be that all perfect wife/mother.



Heavenly Housewife said...

Your hubby gets a gold star :D maybe i should show that pic to my husband.
In the tv shows where the family eats dinner together, the wife usually doesn't work and the hubby works a 9-5. I dont think you get that so much anymore. Maybe if its to hard to do it every night, you can do weekend dinners and just make them extra special.

Miranda said...

I agree with HH, GOLD STAR FOR THE HUBBY!!!!!!!

We (My two lil girls, hubby and I) sit down to eat 5:30 every night. My husband arrives home and like to eat right away. We then work together on getting the girls ready for bed time. Does that help?

By the way, on your profile it said you follow a blog called "....and baby makes 3"
That is my close friends blog!!!!
How strange is that!!??!?!?

Grace said...

well, if he was trying to impress me, he succeeded--looks great! cheeeeese. :)
meanwhile, i'm lucky right now because the only dinner and bed time i have to worry about are my own. :)

Eve said...

HH - Yeah, good point. I mean Husband does finish work at 5 (most night...) but then there is that god awful commute out of London which is a good hour at least!!

Miranda - See that's what I imagine for myself. But I'm not home 3 nights to get the dinner ready for 5.30 and Husband never is! Also, freaky!! Another example of how small a world we live in :)

Grace - I dream of those days past! and maybe one day they will come again! :)

One Sassy Girl said...

That's so cute he made you take a pic. Love love love a man who cooks. No advice on how to plan dinners together since I'm currently single :(
Good luck!!

Brittany at Mommy Words said...

Your hubby wins the prize today. Yay! I have a 16 month old and a 3 year old and we used to have dinner at 6.30 or 7 and then RUSH to get to bed by 8. However - SUPER NANNY (have you seen the show?)actually said to eat the main meal much earlier if possible. SO - now I feed the kids (and when I was working they ate at 5 at daycare if you signed up for it) an early supper that is usually right around 5 to 5.30. I like that I am able to sit with them and sometimes I even have my salad at this time. Other times we talk and I help them eat. Then we go for a walk or play with the neighbors (some of whom also eat early and some who do not eat until almost 7) and this is great bonding time. Honestly - this late afternoon time is great family time. Better than the bargaining over vegetable bites we do at the dinner table:)! If daddy comes home he meets us out to play and then we all come home and either Ross and I will eat dinner or we will have our salad and the kids can have a piece of fruit and we will chat for a bit. Then around 7:15 we go upstairs, take baths, brush teeth and get in jammies. (I clean the kids bathroom while they are in the tub. Brilliant time saver). Then they get a couple minutes to pick out books and for SOphia to organize her bed while I put away the days laundry, pick up rooms etc. Then we read books, sing songs, give hugs and hit the hay by 8 pm!

What I like is if you (or their caregiver) gives them dinner a little earlier you can still have a little family dinner experience later with a snack. And - it's better not to have all that food right before bed!

Good luck figuring something out that works!

BTW I have subscribed in Google Reader!

Eve said...

Sassy - Hello! Having a man that cooks rocks. Having one that Enjoys cooking is even better!

Brittany - Hello and thank you! this comment is exactly what I was hoping someone would say! What you are doing is esentially what Husband and I do too with Son. He eats first (we join him at the table) and then we play, bath, read, bed by 8pm. Saaame as you, but I think because American sitcoms have brain washed me I was under the impression I was grossly neglecting my son by not giving him the family dinner time during the week. You've made me feel ten times better. Cheers!