Monday, 7 September 2009

The Perfect New York Cheesecake

Inspired by Heavenly Housewife's mission for the perfect macaroon, I've decided I'm going to try and make the perfect New York cheesecake. People will say "You know, Eve makes the best New York Cheesecake". It'll be a conversation topic a parties to come. I'll be famous for it in my circle and there will be rumors of me outside of my circle... I'll slowly become a cheese cake legend, maybe even, a national hero.

Yesterday was attempt No. 1 and I'm quite happy with it for my first go ever at making a cheese cake and I know exactly what I'm going to do next time to make it better.

A little less vanilla, because it wasn't over powering but I think it was just a little too much. I definitely over cooked this bad boy although I did follow the recipe to the t. I think it's because my oven was on fan setting and I need to just keep in on conventional. Also the crust was rubbish. RUBBISH. Why don't they sell graham crackers in this country? least sell them in stores that are local to me. So I'm going to try a digestive biscuit type crust. If anyone has a recipe for one for me to start off with I'd be much appreciative.

Moving on from the cheesecake. Husband made dinner tonight and again and of course it was good! I took pictures and do have the recipe which will be posted tomorrow. For now though, I must go to bed. It's been a long tiring weekend with little sleep and I'm working in the morning.

Until the morn'


JennyMac said...

Tell me there is some left and I will be over immediately!

Heavenly Housewife said...

I think it looks absolutely gorgeous eve! I would definitely have some. I looooooooooove cheesecake. I have never made one myself. If I was going to make my own, I would try using "Lotus" biscuits. You can buy them in sainsburys or tesco. They are little cookies that are individually wrapped and usually served with coffee. They have a much harder crispier texture than digestive biscuits, and i think they taste a lot better too. Or you could try amaretti maybe.
Good luck on your quest daaaahling.

Emma said...

That look's delicious!! * dribbling at the mouth! :) x

Pamela said...

It looks great and it's a really pretty color. Gingersnaps make a tasty crust for cheesecake, too!

Eve said...

Jenny - there is sooo still half that monster left ;)

HH - Amaretti! Must try that, I love amaretti. I've never heard of lotus, but I'll have a look. Might make a few more and try a different crust each many cheesecakes to come! ;)

Emma - Once I perfect the recipe I'll make sure to share!

Pamela - I would have never though of gingersnaps... Will definitely try it!

Miranda said...

I think the cake is beautiful!!!! I have added Vanilla waffers and it turned out really good.

Let us now for the second attempt.

Eve said...

vanilla waffers? Like in the crust? ... hmmm. might try that too!