Thursday, 3 September 2009

Theta Mom Thursday!

Here we are! Eve's very first contribution to the very brilliant idea of Theta Mom Thursday! When I first saw Theta Mom's post about this I was so excited. Yes yes YES! Another excuse for me to grab an hour of ME time (how sad I need an excuse to get that time). So what did I do this week?
Well it happened to be one of my closest friends birthday's on Thursday (who we shall from here on in refer to as Husband No. 2 because he wines and dines me and takes me on more dates than my Husband ever has. He's a proper gentleman. And yes, he's gay, So Husband is quite happy to let Husband No. 2 pick up his slack). This occasion called for us to visit our regular dive with our other friend (Wife. You may remember her). Ed's Easy Diner located between Piccadilly Circus and Leicester Square is the best Classic American Diner you can find in the UK, so for Husband No. 2 and I, it's like being home. We climb onto our same stools at the bar every visit, order two corona's (one without lime) and a bowl of cheesy chips to tide us over while we ponder of the menu (that we know by heart) and wait for Wife to show up (who is always at least 60 minutes late. Always).

Husband had son for the evening and I was feeling like I needed lots of carbohydrates and lots of beer, so Ed's was the best place to be. We ordered 3 courses and enough beers to start a bottle pyramid (which we did successfully only with the help of our server...who apparently, was an expert in bottle pyramids.). There was laughter, there were secrets shared, there was plotting of the destruction of the woman who has been set out to nab my husband since before we were even together (not to worry girls, I'm much younger/prettier/funnier/sexier/betteringeneral than she could ever be), AND there was dancing in the aisles....

Despite what the sign said. :) The night ended with a trip to a Gay sex shop to buy Husband No. 2 a gift. Now generally, I'm pretty experimental and adventurous sexually... But this trip consisted of a lot of "I want that one" From Husband No. 2 and a WHOLE LOTTA " Where is that suppose to go?!" and "How do you fit that up there" and "Do people really use those?!" From Wife and I. I mean Seriously... There was a Anal plug the size of my leg.. My WHOLE leg... I came out of that shop a whole new woman.

So I think my first Theta Mom Thursday was a success! Thank you Theta Mom for the encouragement to be ME as well as being a Mum, and I look seriously forward to next Thursday!


Heavenly Housewife said...

What a cool looking place! I need to check it out sometimes.
note to self: need gay boyfriend

Eve said...

you must! And you can borrow mine anytime :)

Theta Mom said...

Eve, you rock and can I just tell you that I ave a gay friend as well and he is my Husband #2! LOL I always have the BEST time when I am with him. It's always a blast!

Coronas, some cheesy chips, one of your favorite places with a good friend, what's better than that?!

So glad you enjoyed your time out and that you played along! You're Theta awesome! :)