Friday, 23 October 2009

The Birthday it self

So, Husband is 40. Officially.

As you know we had a surprise birthday party planned for him the Saturday before his birthday. Now, I don't know if it's the same for you guys but whenever I or someone I know organizes a party it starts out with 80+ people "guaranteed" to come and ends up with about 20. Well of course, this happened. I'm grateful to say this had nothing to do with my ability to track down people from Husbands past and present and more to do with the fact that the In-Laws insisted on holding the party a good 1+ hour drive from ANYONE in a town that no one knew with very bad transport links... Yes, cheaper than central London but at the costs of any guest coming.

They were surprised, I was not.

But despite the lack of bodies the people that mattered were there and we all had a fabulous time. The band was brilliant and I of course, tore up the dance floor like no one else. Doing all the classic white girl dance moves. Running man, sprinkler, skanking, body rock....You know, the cool ones! It was a blast. Oh except for one thing... Did I mention we didn't have a babysitter? Well we did, at first. Mother-In-Law said she would take Son home (he was going to be there for the first bit of the party and then head home to bed by 9) but then changed her mind as we were heading out the door because she wanted to party too... Oh right, thanks a freaking lot. So, I was torn. Leave my Husband 40th Birthday bash early, which I slaved over organizing for 2 months. Or, let Son stay up? ... He stayed up, of course.

He was well behaved, dancing on the dance floor, eating all the food, and he took it upon himself to climb into his stroller at around 10.30pm and go to sleep, so it was good. But I was still pissed off at Mother-in-law. Not to mention she spent a big part of the party sweeping in and taking Son off me when I was in the middle of things with him (dancing, throwing cake at each other... you know, the fun stuff!). I love her but she drives me nuts. properly. And I know I've said it before but I will be doing a post on the dynamics of the In-Laws...Eventually

The rest of the week was blissful days full or love, laughter and happiness. Or something like that. 3 out of 7 days Son went to Nursery and it was like....amazing. I mean, of course, I missed him (noididnt) while Husband and I hung out in Starbucks, took long walks in the park, shopped until out bank accounts were empty and ate at a different restaurant every lunch, but it was well needed bonding time. In which Husband and I could for the first time in what seems like 20 months focus on each other without worry about Son. Like I said, it was bliss. And to make sure we didn't feel too guilty about leaving Son in nursery while we gallivanted around we took him to the Zoo and Aquarium and for MacDonald dinners.

But most importantly? Husband and I found a real babysitter. Not an in-law, but a REAL unrelated babysitter. It's the best thing ever. Did I mention she will do it for free? She is Son's key worker at his Nursery and she loves him so much she recently offered to babysit him for free if we ever needed it. So we have made an arrangement to do it once a month and we did our first one last Friday. Husband and I have NEVER had such a relaxed evening out. Usually when the in-laws are babysitting we are worried because they are going out of their way to do us a favour (yes, they make us feel guilty about them coming to babysit) and are constantly rushing so we are not home too late. Well not now with our super duper lives around the corner babysitter! No siry!

But I will speak of this night out further in my next post, because during this first stress-free night out we found what we are now going to consider our regular dive. A place where we will be known and have a special table booked once a month.

More on this later though.


tinahead81 said...

sounds like a fabulous time-even short of people and your MIL messing up the plans!

glad you found someone that you trust your son with-for free...even better! date nights are the best!!!!!!

Heavenly Housewife said...

Looking forward to reading your upcoming inlaw post lol. I could write one of my own come to think of it ;).
So happy you had such a lovely birthday for your hubby and that you got to spend some quality alone time. Thats so important.

Grace said...

the running man? classic. the sprinkler? one of my favorites. skanking and body rock? i'm unfamiliar with these moves, but i'm sure you did them well. great cake, too. :)