Wednesday, 28 October 2009

For Your Information

You probably haven't noticed but I have a second blog going. I call it "Psychoanalyze This" and It's essentially a place for me to get thoughts out relating to how my therapy is going etc. It's not nice stuff. Dark and heavy but I suppose my casual snarky wit is still in there... I have it private but if you are really interested in reading it I will happily add you with the warning that I ask not to be judged.

If you read THIS blog then hopefully you know generally I am a happy, bubbly, confident, laid back, ifnotsometimesslightlynuts, woman. And I am those things. Proudly. I am who I am because I worked my damn ass of to get here. No maybe I'm not "successful" like some would think but I came from a broken home with a broken soul (I really debated writing that for a loooong time because. CHEESEY.) and more importantly broken sense of self. And you now how I came out of that? All.By.My.God.Damn.Self.

No one "saved" me. In fact, still, no one will even acknowledge what happened too me (except my Husband, obviously). And that's fine because it doesn't define me and despite that, I have still become the person I always wanted to be. A strong and happy woman who, most importantly, is comfortable in herself. Hurrah! Three cheers?

Anyway, I decided to start this new blog because I didn't want to tarnish this lovely Young Wives Tale, and despite being in a really good place right now, Therapy is dragging up a whole lot of dirt that I do feel strong enough to deal with now, but none the less is shaking my foundations.

So, no better outlet than writing right? Right. I suppose I am telling you all about this blog because maybe it interests you or maybe you can relate and are interested to see my journey or know you are not alone. Whatever it is, feel free to join, but just know I am not looking for sympathy or people to hold me up. Just friends.

Edit: I said that no one saved me but there were quite a few people that helped me, gave me the courage/opportunity to help myself. Even if they were not aware of what they were doing. And for those people I am eternally grateful.


Chelle said...

Very interested. Thanks for letting us know...therapy can be so intense and I sometimes will write my thoughts out...but usually delete them. I admire you for keeping yours!

Maybe I should have a private blog, too.

Eve said...

Thanks Chelle! :)

Anonymous said...

i'm anonymous right now but you know who i am! :) i just want to tell damn proud i am of you. i've spent this whole day (at work) catching up on your journal here and this is as far as i am so far. i havent commented on any of your posts-i didnt realize i could...and i'm considering making a blog myself. anyway, yes, so damn proud of you i cant even articulate it properly.

give your wee baby (TO ME!) a kiss and a hug from me and a high five from his bff across the pond. :) <3