Monday, 26 October 2009

How to become a regular

1) Use names as often as possible without sounding creepy
This is a fine art and one I have down to pat. When you find an establishment that you want to become a regular at the first rule of thumb is too make sure you know them and t
hey know you. Always take note of your servers name and use it as often as politely possible (Example: "What would you recommend on the menu, Sam?") and always make sure you use their name when you are leaving ("Goodnight Sam, thank you!"). In turn try and use your own names as often as possible, so that the server picks them up (Example: "My Wife, Eve, will have a glass of white wine") and correct them when they say "ma'am/sir" with "Please call me Eve" (or Mrs/Mr/Ms. _____ if you prefer). But get your name in there! There is nothing like walking into an establishment and having the host call out your name with a smile on their face.

2) Pick a table, and stick to it!
You've got approximately two visits to choose your table and then STICK to it. Once you find that perfect space in the restaurant too you, let them know. When making your reservation ask them if your "favourite table is available", and explain which one that is. If the restaurant is good (and if it's somewhere you plan to go regularly then lets hope it is) they will remember this and never again will you have to ask for your table. Also having your "own table" gives you and the staff at the restaurant a sense that you belong.

3) Have a standing reservation.
This is the best way to let them know you're loyal. Once you have been a few times ask to put your name down for the same table the same time, once a month (or how ever often you like). Most restaurants will call you the day before or day of the reservation to see if you still are coming so if something comes up you can always cancel and reschedule if needed, otherwise just let them know you'll see them next month.

4) Keep them on their toes
Drop in every once in a while. Even better if it's on a time or day they are not use to seeing you. Even if it's just to stop for a quick morning coffee and bun. Again, if they're really good, they'll try and make sure you still get your favourite table.

5) Keep them happy
Other than being happy for the regular business you provide them, their real use for you is word.of.mouth. They figure, if you love them so much, you MUST be talking about them. So talk! Bring them more business. If you are a regular known face in a restaurant these are the best places to brings friends and family you want to impress. Restaurants tend to be very good at making you look popular and liked in front of your friends and family, so let them lavish you and leave your friends and family impressed with not only the restaurant you so wisely recommended but also with what a good rapport you have with the restaurant staff. Everyone is a winner.

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Heavenly Housewife said...

Great post! Unfortunately the only place i seem to be a regular at is the place where I get my jacket potatoes lol. Oh, and pizza express. They probably know me as the girl who always has a voucher :P