Saturday, 3 October 2009

Still out

Just another quick one to say I haven't forgotten about you and I'm getting mighty frustrated and not knowing whats going on in the blog roll. But yesterday it all came to a head and after a fight with my GP about why I didn't want to go to the A&E/ER (Who would look after my little man?!)

I was drugged up on super strong pain killers and antibiotics in an attempt to make me better. This morning it seems it's working but I feel like a new born, unbalanced, fuzzy and unable to keep my attention on one thing.

Husband last night apologized for being a toss pot (those weren't his exact words of course) which he only did after he realized how bad it was when his mother called him from OUR house asking why he was coming home late when he knew his wife was sick.

The in-laws ended up coming and taking Son out for the day when I was prescribed the painkillers and realized they knocked me right out.

It all started when I woke up. Wasn't feeling any better so made an appointment at my
GP's (who I happen to live next door to) 5 minutes after hanging up with the kind receptionist this crippling pain started across my chest, side and back (my ribs essentially). Now, I have a very high pain tolerance generally but I have to say, this was worse than childbirth. Seriously. I was on the floor crying and screaming while still trying to smile for my son and explain mummy was just being silly. I dragged myself next door and into the GP's waiting room where upon seeing me my GP suggested I go to A&E for an X-ray. I through my yelps of pain told him unless he planned on babysitting, it ain't going to happen.

I wasn't going to dare call Husband and ask for his help, not I doubted he would have helped, but because I didn't want to give him that satisfaction of knowing I needed him after the way he acted. this is when I called the In-Laws.

Anyways, feeling much better today but decidedly drugged up and I hope this post makes some sense because I'm not sure if it will.

Hopefully come Monday I'll be back to my old self and will be able to catch up with everyone, but until then please forgive my distance from it all.

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ModernMom said...

Eeek! Did you pull a muscle with all that coughing. You are a stronger woman then me. I would be waving the white flag of surrender, taking to my bed, and putting Daddy in charge. Even if he is stubborn:)