Thursday, 22 October 2009

They will build me up

I feel terribly bad about neglecting you and my blog this past 2 weeks and I have thought of you often and missed you sorely. I have not had any time for myself other than a sporadic 10 minutes in the evening when I don't have enough energy to focus my thoughts into any kind of coherent blog post.

Even now actually I shouldn't be typing this because I am at work and the amount of *$%! I have to get through before 5pm today is ridiculous. It seems while I was away my work load not only was not touched (despite it not being my soul responsibility) but also seemed to get larger than usual. I have been trying to truck through it the past through days but have only made a small dent despite having my head down at my desk non-stop. Today I have to get it done, really...But instead I'll blog!

It's funny, despite not have been blogging for very long (and not being very good at it either due to not making time) I already feel awfully attached to so many of you. I hate that I don't know whats going on with you all. Tonight I am making a point to make time for myself and sit down with my laptop and play a bit of catch up. It's also really frustrating because I've recently started following a few new fab blogs (and their queen bees have started following me too!) and at first glance I was so getting into finding out more and enjoying their stories, and now I almost feel I must start over.

Thank you though for all bearing with me. I have PLENTY of photos and things to tell, and I've insisted to Husband that once this week of catching up on "real life" is over he must encourage me to take 30-60 minutes in the evening for myself to just sit down on the lap top and get stretch m. I am always so busy doing something and nothing. flapping around the house with chores that can wait and then neglecting time to myself. But I'm a perfectionist, and I find it hard to stop! Isn't it ridiculous that I find it extremely hard to find time for myself or justify to myself why it's OK to sit down for an hour and blog or read or WHATEVER.

Must learn to be selfish. Must learn to be selfish.


Theta Mom said...

So glad to see you back and YES, be selfish, be selfish!!! You deserve it!

Heavenly Housewife said...

Hey eve, been thinking about you. Come back to the bloggosphere my daaaahling, the darkside is calling you!