Monday, 9 November 2009

I'm getting fat.

If I ever say to someone "I'm putting on weight" they roll their eyes. I usually say this in context with something like "This is my third cookie" or "I've been eating so much lately". I get the eye roll because I'm not fat. I'm a size 10/8 (USA 8/6), and I never have carried weight on my face or legs. It's all in the middle, which, when wearing clever clothing, is not noticeable. And I get it, I'm not fat right now! But, you don't understand... I have been fat. I spent most my teens struggling with my weight and then when I was pregnant became properly fat. My Husband nick named me Fatty (I know, I know, you wish he was yours).

So when I start to see a few pounds start coming on I feel huuuge because I know where it leads, I've been there. I've started small forest fires with the friction between my thighs. DO YOU KNOW WHAT ITS LIKE TO WALK WITHOUT YOUR THIGHS CHAFFING?!?! It's amazing! I wish I'd known this sweet pleasure before. It's almost like my vagina can finally breath.

So here I am again, scoffing cookies and larger than necessary portions of breakfast, lunch and dinner. BLAST. I can feel that old friend called fat sneaking back up on me, and I'm scared.

What I need is exercise. But how, HOW am I suppose to find time to exercise? Really and truly. I'm not making excuses, people. I.Never.Stop.

I wake up, get showered and dressed and then Son wakes up. He consumes my attention and if he isn't consuming my attention I am in the kitchen cooking/baking or cleaning or doing the laundry or feeding the damn rabbit or rushing off to work and then rushing back from work (because there is no time between when I finish work and when I have to pick up Son) and then Son goes to sleep at 7.30 and I have to make dinner for husband and I and then it's 9pm and WHERE DID THE DAY GO?

I bet I could get in some exercise on Sunday, But three days a week?

Anyone? Suggestions? Offers to babysit? Or better yet, money for the new body minus the work?


P.S. Is this like my 2nd fat post in the past 7 days? I'm sorry. Broken record, much? But seriously, I'm looking for suggestions, people.


Chelle said...

If I was over there I would so babysit for you! That way you would babysit for me so I could workout :)

Is there anyway on a weekend day you can make meals ahead and freeze them? That way the husband can pop them in the oven and while they cook you could get something in?

I need to start working out...I hate having my thighs touch. It makes me so damn mad at myself.

Miranda said...

You are happy. Don't worry.
That is all I can say. I have not lost all my weight from the kiddos. But I am so happy and I do not care...

Cheer up. You are beautiful! You are beautiful the way you are!

Heavenly Housewife said...

If you cant exercize, you have to cut the calories. I know it sucks. I am always battling my fat thighs though, so I know.