Thursday, 10 December 2009

1 hour for me? please?!

I do love my Theta Mom Thursdays, despite it being a few weeks since I took part and despite Theta Mom taking a sabbatical (totally understandably) until the New Year. But I'm going to do my Theta Mom Post anyways, maybe a sort of tribute to Theta Mom while she is busy. Just to show I haven't forgotten this time! I'd like to say the neglect of joining in on Theta Mom Thursday over the past two weeks was because I was oober busy spending that hour of "me time" but it of course, was the opposite.

Now before I indulge you all in my awesomely depressing Theta Mom Hour I'd like to share something heartbreaking with you.

You know it's time to lay of the chocolates and cake when it takes you 10 minutes to wiggle your way into your black skinny jeans and you have to use a coat hanger to zip them up.

Yes, of course we are talking about me. But I was determined to wear them non the less. I paired them with a mid-thigh length jumper (to hide the muffin top of course) and lasted a whole of 30 minutes at work before I had to (and I mean HAD to) unbutton them. It's cool, the jumper covers the fact that I can't do my jeans up, but a little bit of me died inside.

Right. So, more positively my 1 Hour of me time! The plan was that Tuesday night after work Wife and I were going to meet in Covent Garden for pizza and wine. I couldn't wait. Pizza - yum. Wine - More please. Wife - Girly Talk! Perfect, right?

Well, Can't recall if I mentioned this before but Wife is absolutely the most unreliable person I have ever known. Ever. She's also lazy when it comes to making effort with friends. It can sometimes take months to get her to meet you somewhere, and for her to come to my house (which is 45 minutes from hers... Not long in the great scheme of things) is a yearly occurrence. It annoys me to no end. Maybe because being from America I'm use to having to travel to get places and growing up a large chunk of my friends lived 30-60 minutes away. It was the norm. Here, in England, if it takes you more than 15 minutes to get anywhere people bring an overnight bag. Least all my friends do.

You've probably guessed by now that an hour before I was suppose to go meet wife for dinner she texted me to cancel. Her excuse this time? She wanted to sleep... This is at 5pm. She's in her 20's people.

So there I was at work asking everyone and anyone if they wanted to go for a drink, It was a Tuesday, no one was interested. So how did I spend my 1 hour of me time in the end?

Sat at my desk in an empty office finishing some work and reading all your blogs.

Wasn't quite Wine and Girl time, but it'll have to do for this week.


Helene said...

You're so much better than me! When my skinny pants don't zip up, I easily wave the white flag and put on my fat pants!

Actually, I think it was a wonderful way to spend your hour...reading blogs!

blueviolet said...

Maybe that's why wearing jammies is so magical! They give and give and give at the waist!

Sophia's Mom said...

You are not going to get any pitty from me! I don't even own a pair of SKINNY jeans!

I am so sorry that your friend canceled on you last minute! But at least you had some quiet time to visit a few blogs...