Tuesday, 15 December 2009

It's Tuesday?

Did anyone else realize that I thought it was Tuesday yesterday?

It wasn't. Just in case you were confused as well. Today is Tuesday which means my Random Tuesday Thoughts was posted a day early. Which is a little bit funny considering this is something Vicki over at Frugal Mom Knows Best did. Great minds think alike right? Least I'd like to compare myself some how equal to the brilliance that is Vicki ;). The only difference being she was aware she was doing it and I was delusionally wishing the week away.

ANYWAY. So, it's Tuesday now. I'm all kinds of messed up on my days because I changed my working days this week to Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday. All kinds of confused going on.

So I'm not known for being the most sympathetic person in the world. Maybe because I know what it's like to have a hard childhood and still came out of it a relatively "normal" person (of course, this depends on who you ask... but generally normal...Stop looking at me like that). Either way I'm very much a "Pull yourself together" kind of girl. Now, I get that sometimes it's clinical. Bipolar, Clinically depressed people I understand that it isn't' as simple as getting over it. I understand. But dammit... Can't everyone afford to be polite? Especially when I'm trying to help you. I know you're crazy because you wouldn't be at my office if you weren't but still, you're here because you know we help so omg LET ME.

I feel better now I got that off my chest.

So I've been holding off on saying this because I know there are a few frazzled mum's out there who don't want to hear it but I'm pretty much done with Christmas prep now. And when I say pretty much I mean totally. All cards and sent, all decorations are up, all presents are bought, all plans are made. I do still have to wrap the presents but I've been saving this job for when my Brother gets here to give us something Christmas to do together.

It feels good, let me tell you.

You know how I said I love presents well I got into a bit of a state last night while pulling out all the presents I bought for Husband. There were loads and as I was being reminded of all the things I got him I just started squealing because GOD am I good! Everything I bought is so spot on he's gonna be bowled over and I can't wait to give him them all. My Son as well... I spoil both my boys when it's a gift giving occasion and it makes me giddy just thinking about it!


Grace said...

wow--you're totally on top of things! i'm so impressed, mostly because i've barely put a dent in my list of christmas things to do...oops. :)

Theta Mom said...

I think we all spoil our kids. ;)

Chelle said...

Guess what. I stamped my last card. And finished my gift buying!

I'm seriously stoked. Best.feeling.ever!