Monday, 14 December 2009

Random Tuesday Thoughts

2nd time taking part! If you don't know ALL about Random Tuesday Thoughts then head on over to The Un Mom cause she's got it dooooooown.

How about a little bit of my crazy today?

Firstly, I'd like to say something to the people that ride the bus with me. I can understand teens and pre-teens getting on with their cell phones and it's horrible sound quality blaring the latest bollywood music because kids will be kids. I remember doing it when I was a teen except it wasn't through my cell phone it was through my car speakers (yeah, because at 16 I had a car and you know why? Because I was cooler than you once). But I cannot understand when people over the age of 20 do it. I really cannot. Don't get me wrong it's freakin' annoying when the kids do it, but when you? in the business suit? Yeah. What the hell? Not only are you annoying but you're also a loser because kids.don't.know.better. But you? Well I would have thought you would have reached that age by now when you realize that you don't have the best taste in music in the whole world worthy of showing off because anyone who hears whats coming out of your speakers is going to gain respect for you. Only teens are allowed to think that. You taste in music is pretty much nothing to the guy sat next to you. Also, you don't have the excuse that you can't afford headphones. Buy some. Asswipe.

Crazy old lady? yes, on this same bus. You REALLY don't have to climb over me to get on the bus. Really. I'll let you on. In fact... seems to me like the bus is pretty much empty anyways so it's not like I was going to take up ALL the seats. I mean I get my butt got a bit wider over the last 4 weeks, but come on!

When you're stood in my way ignoring me and I have tried to say 'Excuse me, may I get by please' 4 time. COUNT THEM. TIMES. And I then squeeze by your fat hips but accidentally give your elbow a nudge don't then mutter under your breath "Could at least say excuse me, bitch". Because you know what? I'm coming right back too you and explaining what just happened and then suggesting that maybe you and your friend take your conversation somewhere OTHER than the middle of the side walk. Bet cha' didn't expect that.

You know how I like dancing badly? Well, I like it so much that I find it difficult not to dance when a good song comes on my playlist (I'm wearing headphones by the way) so I dance with my eyes. I'm sure if anyone looked at my eyes while I am doing this they would instantly assume I've escaped from the nut house. My eye's bounce to the beat baby. And if I'm listening to rock then I blink instead of head banging. No, I don't have anything in my eye thanks.

Does anyone else constantly rearrange their Christmas tree? Husband and I like the whole busy tree look but I am also a bit anal and so like it to a least look a little organized. Shifting a ball here, a candy cane there... it will go on until new years I promise you.

Speaking of Christmas I have an obsession with wrapping paper. I get loads of rolls of the stuff. All colors and patterns. Every present has to look a little different even if it's just an added bow or ribbon.

I don't think I've ever mentioned this either but I love presents. SO much. Like stupid amounts. I am also the worlds best gift giver. Ask anyone it's a truth. I put a lot of thought into every present I buy and everyone gets 2-3 big/expensive presents and 5-8 tree presents. And I can guarantee you'll like every one of them. I also love receiving presents. It's a real shame my Husband is rubbish at giving them but I'm got my fingers crossed this year, he's given me hints that he's finally got it. And just to drive the point home: I LOVE PRESENTS.

More on this later.

Random it up everyone!


Heavenly Housewife said...

Daaaaaahling, public transportation is just horrid. Do try to avoid it *kisses* HH

Julie@Momspective said...

I've never used public transportation but I am actually tempted to now that I read this ;)

I am Harriet said...

Cells + Teens can make for an annoying time.
Have a great day!

CaJoh said...

I usually like to have areas of the tree set aside for themes— sleds and skis here, angels and Santa there. Of course, my wife comes along and decides that that is too anal and proceeds to shift all of the ornaments around so that they are evenly spaced (so much for themes).

Thank you for your randomness,

Design it Chic said...

Oh i hate the bus of horror! Here's the same deal: BadMusic-BitchingOldLady-BadMusic-KidsGiggling-BadMusic... you get the picture:)

Happy Tuesday and here's my Randomness!!!