Monday, 14 December 2009

Tis the season

Ah, sweet blog. How I love thee. My own little world dedicated to me and my followers. That sounds very cultish, but you know what I mean.

Have I mentioned that my Kid brother is coming to visit? Well he is. He (with the rest of my family) lives in California and it's been 18 months since I last saw him. Kid brother and I are super close. Tight as can be. I was like second mum/boss to him growing up and I pretty much took him everywhere with me (much to his dismay sometimes). He's 7 years younger than me and turning 18 on Sunday. 18. I know it's young but when you still think of someone as a kid, it's old.

He's arriving on Thursday at painful o'clock in the morning (7am... I know 7am isn't that early, but you might be forgetting we have to be at the airport by 7am... so we'll be getting up at 5am) and leaving on the 30th. Christmas with my brother! I'm stoked, truly. I hold a lot of guilt regarding my brother you see. As I mentioned I was like a mum too him and we were inseparable and he's a shy kid (even now, he's a young 18) and it was only ever me that he would ever really be himself around. Even now at nearly 18 he tells me everything (girls he likes, stuff that worries him and most recently that he tried weed! That was a hard one for me) which I think says a lot of our bond because I've not known many teenage guys to open up to their siblings, particuallarly their sisters. When he was 11 (6 years ago) I left America for England to never return and I remember crying on the plane only because I was leaving him. I felt immensely guilty that I wouldn't be there to watch him and guide him through teen-hood. So I suppose in a way I've been constantly trying to make up for it and in a backwards way I owe my brother a lot, I think my experience with him when he was a baby/toddler/child really helped make me the mother I am today.

I'll be taking lots of pictures over the next few weeks (which I'm sure means nothing to any of you since you all know what a rubbish photographer I am) and I'm sure there will be many a hilarity's to share (my brother and I when together are like Laural and Hardy. Unstoppable).

As he'll be here for two weeks I would like to ask you my dear bloggy friends to please forgive me for the possible absence from blog world until the new year. I might manage to post a few times between Thursday and January but don't count on it because I'm planning on making the most of my brothers visit, because who knows when I'll see him next.


ModernMom said...

Excited for you! Hope you have the best visit...even if you do have to get up at painful o'clock to fetch him! lol

Heavenly Housewife said...

Have a fabulous holiday with your brother daaaaahling. I am sure you have lots of great things to catch up on and wonderful places in London to take him. I'm excited for you :)

blueviolet said...

I totally understand how you'd want to max your time with your brother! I hope you have the best time ever!!!