Wednesday, 16 December 2009

Girls! All I really want is Girls!

And I of course sing this in the "girly time" sense... Not the "I wanna see some titties" sense. Titties is a horrible word. It makes me laugh and cringe all at the same time.

Last night I finally got my long awaited girl night out. No cancellations and a encouraging text from Husband to "have a wonderful time". And we did.

Myself and two girlies (who we'll dub BigHair and Truf
fles) from work decided we needed to have a Christmas girl celebration so yesterday after work we bundled up tight and headed down for a stroll around the German Christmas Market at Southbank. I love German Christmas Markets with a passion. When I lived in Birmingham there was one every year that I spent every evening in from Dec 1st to Dec 23rd. Even if you don't buy anything it's a pleasure to just be there.
It was a very cold evening so we of course had to start off by purchasing a lovely mug of mulled wine. Now let me tell you, that stuff? It was strong! shoooooooot. As we drank we walked around the stalls, admiring all the hand made trinkets and beautiful crafts. We gossiped about work and made fun of some of the hats people were wearing (even though I secretly was admiring. omghats!)

After having a look around we settled munching on German Frankfurters and potato hash.

My frankfurter was interesting... It had cheese filing and although tasty I found hard to eat because every time I bit into it this white creamy/salty cheese good shot into the back of my throat.... I don't swallow FYI so this was quite disturbing for me.

Mulled wine, Christmas shopping, Giant sausages and girl talk were going down well for us, but something was missing. Ah! Desert! Lucky for me I know Southbank/Westminster very well (Husband works in that area) and so was aware that just around the corner you could purchase the best hot chocolate ever. Ever ladies. Ever.

So we headed into the warm quaint underground French Cafe and ordered our selves 3 large hot chocolates with extra whip cream. Now just so you can picture it, this hot chocolate? It's served in a mug, yes, but really you have to eat it with a spoon. Like a pudding almost. It's so thick and creamy and pure and perfect. just perfect. We ended up in the French Cafe for 2 hours (being served by the most gorgeous man ever. Like a cross between Brad Pitt and Johnny sharing our life stories with each other. It was amazing. We were all brutally open with each other and it was a great little circle of trust going on. Everything was accepted, nothing was judged.

We all walked out of there feeling bonded and pulling out our diaries to coordinate when we'd next be doing this.

I personally, cannot wait.

Tuesday, 15 December 2009

It's Tuesday?

Did anyone else realize that I thought it was Tuesday yesterday?

It wasn't. Just in case you were confused as well. Today is Tuesday which means my Random Tuesday Thoughts was posted a day early. Which is a little bit funny considering this is something Vicki over at Frugal Mom Knows Best did. Great minds think alike right? Least I'd like to compare myself some how equal to the brilliance that is Vicki ;). The only difference being she was aware she was doing it and I was delusionally wishing the week away.

ANYWAY. So, it's Tuesday now. I'm all kinds of messed up on my days because I changed my working days this week to Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday. All kinds of confused going on.

So I'm not known for being the most sympathetic person in the world. Maybe because I know what it's like to have a hard childhood and still came out of it a relatively "normal" person (of course, this depends on who you ask... but generally normal...Stop looking at me like that). Either way I'm very much a "Pull yourself together" kind of girl. Now, I get that sometimes it's clinical. Bipolar, Clinically depressed people I understand that it isn't' as simple as getting over it. I understand. But dammit... Can't everyone afford to be polite? Especially when I'm trying to help you. I know you're crazy because you wouldn't be at my office if you weren't but still, you're here because you know we help so omg LET ME.

I feel better now I got that off my chest.

So I've been holding off on saying this because I know there are a few frazzled mum's out there who don't want to hear it but I'm pretty much done with Christmas prep now. And when I say pretty much I mean totally. All cards and sent, all decorations are up, all presents are bought, all plans are made. I do still have to wrap the presents but I've been saving this job for when my Brother gets here to give us something Christmas to do together.

It feels good, let me tell you.

You know how I said I love presents well I got into a bit of a state last night while pulling out all the presents I bought for Husband. There were loads and as I was being reminded of all the things I got him I just started squealing because GOD am I good! Everything I bought is so spot on he's gonna be bowled over and I can't wait to give him them all. My Son as well... I spoil both my boys when it's a gift giving occasion and it makes me giddy just thinking about it!

Monday, 14 December 2009

Random Tuesday Thoughts

2nd time taking part! If you don't know ALL about Random Tuesday Thoughts then head on over to The Un Mom cause she's got it dooooooown.

How about a little bit of my crazy today?

Firstly, I'd like to say something to the people that ride the bus with me. I can understand teens and pre-teens getting on with their cell phones and it's horrible sound quality blaring the latest bollywood music because kids will be kids. I remember doing it when I was a teen except it wasn't through my cell phone it was through my car speakers (yeah, because at 16 I had a car and you know why? Because I was cooler than you once). But I cannot understand when people over the age of 20 do it. I really cannot. Don't get me wrong it's freakin' annoying when the kids do it, but when you? in the business suit? Yeah. What the hell? Not only are you annoying but you're also a loser because kids.don't.know.better. But you? Well I would have thought you would have reached that age by now when you realize that you don't have the best taste in music in the whole world worthy of showing off because anyone who hears whats coming out of your speakers is going to gain respect for you. Only teens are allowed to think that. You taste in music is pretty much nothing to the guy sat next to you. Also, you don't have the excuse that you can't afford headphones. Buy some. Asswipe.

Crazy old lady? yes, on this same bus. You REALLY don't have to climb over me to get on the bus. Really. I'll let you on. In fact... seems to me like the bus is pretty much empty anyways so it's not like I was going to take up ALL the seats. I mean I get my butt got a bit wider over the last 4 weeks, but come on!

When you're stood in my way ignoring me and I have tried to say 'Excuse me, may I get by please' 4 time. COUNT THEM. TIMES. And I then squeeze by your fat hips but accidentally give your elbow a nudge don't then mutter under your breath "Could at least say excuse me, bitch". Because you know what? I'm coming right back too you and explaining what just happened and then suggesting that maybe you and your friend take your conversation somewhere OTHER than the middle of the side walk. Bet cha' didn't expect that.

You know how I like dancing badly? Well, I like it so much that I find it difficult not to dance when a good song comes on my playlist (I'm wearing headphones by the way) so I dance with my eyes. I'm sure if anyone looked at my eyes while I am doing this they would instantly assume I've escaped from the nut house. My eye's bounce to the beat baby. And if I'm listening to rock then I blink instead of head banging. No, I don't have anything in my eye thanks.

Does anyone else constantly rearrange their Christmas tree? Husband and I like the whole busy tree look but I am also a bit anal and so like it to a least look a little organized. Shifting a ball here, a candy cane there... it will go on until new years I promise you.

Speaking of Christmas I have an obsession with wrapping paper. I get loads of rolls of the stuff. All colors and patterns. Every present has to look a little different even if it's just an added bow or ribbon.

I don't think I've ever mentioned this either but I love presents. SO much. Like stupid amounts. I am also the worlds best gift giver. Ask anyone it's a truth. I put a lot of thought into every present I buy and everyone gets 2-3 big/expensive presents and 5-8 tree presents. And I can guarantee you'll like every one of them. I also love receiving presents. It's a real shame my Husband is rubbish at giving them but I'm got my fingers crossed this year, he's given me hints that he's finally got it. And just to drive the point home: I LOVE PRESENTS.

More on this later.

Random it up everyone!

Tis the season

Ah, sweet blog. How I love thee. My own little world dedicated to me and my followers. That sounds very cultish, but you know what I mean.

Have I mentioned that my Kid brother is coming to visit? Well he is. He (with the rest of my family) lives in California and it's been 18 months since I last saw him. Kid brother and I are super close. Tight as can be. I was like second mum/boss to him growing up and I pretty much took him everywhere with me (much to his dismay sometimes). He's 7 years younger than me and turning 18 on Sunday. 18. I know it's young but when you still think of someone as a kid, it's old.

He's arriving on Thursday at painful o'clock in the morning (7am... I know 7am isn't that early, but you might be forgetting we have to be at the airport by 7am... so we'll be getting up at 5am) and leaving on the 30th. Christmas with my brother! I'm stoked, truly. I hold a lot of guilt regarding my brother you see. As I mentioned I was like a mum too him and we were inseparable and he's a shy kid (even now, he's a young 18) and it was only ever me that he would ever really be himself around. Even now at nearly 18 he tells me everything (girls he likes, stuff that worries him and most recently that he tried weed! That was a hard one for me) which I think says a lot of our bond because I've not known many teenage guys to open up to their siblings, particuallarly their sisters. When he was 11 (6 years ago) I left America for England to never return and I remember crying on the plane only because I was leaving him. I felt immensely guilty that I wouldn't be there to watch him and guide him through teen-hood. So I suppose in a way I've been constantly trying to make up for it and in a backwards way I owe my brother a lot, I think my experience with him when he was a baby/toddler/child really helped make me the mother I am today.

I'll be taking lots of pictures over the next few weeks (which I'm sure means nothing to any of you since you all know what a rubbish photographer I am) and I'm sure there will be many a hilarity's to share (my brother and I when together are like Laural and Hardy. Unstoppable).

As he'll be here for two weeks I would like to ask you my dear bloggy friends to please forgive me for the possible absence from blog world until the new year. I might manage to post a few times between Thursday and January but don't count on it because I'm planning on making the most of my brothers visit, because who knows when I'll see him next.

Thursday, 10 December 2009

1 hour for me? please?!

I do love my Theta Mom Thursdays, despite it being a few weeks since I took part and despite Theta Mom taking a sabbatical (totally understandably) until the New Year. But I'm going to do my Theta Mom Post anyways, maybe a sort of tribute to Theta Mom while she is busy. Just to show I haven't forgotten this time! I'd like to say the neglect of joining in on Theta Mom Thursday over the past two weeks was because I was oober busy spending that hour of "me time" but it of course, was the opposite.

Now before I indulge you all in my awesomely depressing Theta Mom Hour I'd like to share something heartbreaking with you.

You know it's time to lay of the chocolates and cake when it takes you 10 minutes to wiggle your way into your black skinny jeans and you have to use a coat hanger to zip them up.

Yes, of course we are talking about me. But I was determined to wear them non the less. I paired them with a mid-thigh length jumper (to hide the muffin top of course) and lasted a whole of 30 minutes at work before I had to (and I mean HAD to) unbutton them. It's cool, the jumper covers the fact that I can't do my jeans up, but a little bit of me died inside.

Right. So, more positively my 1 Hour of me time! The plan was that Tuesday night after work Wife and I were going to meet in Covent Garden for pizza and wine. I couldn't wait. Pizza - yum. Wine - More please. Wife - Girly Talk! Perfect, right?

Well, Can't recall if I mentioned this before but Wife is absolutely the most unreliable person I have ever known. Ever. She's also lazy when it comes to making effort with friends. It can sometimes take months to get her to meet you somewhere, and for her to come to my house (which is 45 minutes from hers... Not long in the great scheme of things) is a yearly occurrence. It annoys me to no end. Maybe because being from America I'm use to having to travel to get places and growing up a large chunk of my friends lived 30-60 minutes away. It was the norm. Here, in England, if it takes you more than 15 minutes to get anywhere people bring an overnight bag. Least all my friends do.

You've probably guessed by now that an hour before I was suppose to go meet wife for dinner she texted me to cancel. Her excuse this time? She wanted to sleep... This is at 5pm. She's in her 20's people.

So there I was at work asking everyone and anyone if they wanted to go for a drink, It was a Tuesday, no one was interested. So how did I spend my 1 hour of me time in the end?

Sat at my desk in an empty office finishing some work and reading all your blogs.

Wasn't quite Wine and Girl time, but it'll have to do for this week.

Tuesday, 8 December 2009

Random Tuesday Thoughts

This is my first official time on Random Tuesday Thoughts although I've been mentally preparing to participate for what seems like Except it's not just Tuesdays it's Wednesdays and Thursdays and Fridays and Everyday but a Sunday. I like to go slightly comatose on a Sunday.

So lets get Random people! You can thank The UnMom for this later. And you should because I do love her blog.

Firstly, I recently entered Kevin's Pay it Forward Foodie competition. Well, kind of competition. Scheme maybe? ANYWAY, check it out cause I won. I'm so psyched I can't tell you. Although I'm sure 90% of you know Kevin if you don't you must check out his blog Closet Cooking. Some of my favourite recipes are his and particularly his deserts! I'll be holding my Pay it Forward event some time in the new year. Once we get Christmas out the way etc.

You know my friend who's having the hard time? We'll call her Crazy from here on in (it's cool, she knows). Well she's still pretty much at my house 5 out of 7 nights a week which is a big part of why I haven't been able to focus on my wee little blog here. Sometimes I think she is getting better and other times I am convinced she needs some sort of medication. I have a feeling she is bipolar. I've seen it before (within my family and at work) and I'm pretty sure that's what it is. We're having fun though when she's distracted but I find myself sometimes... horribly. Wishing she wasn't my friend. Not that I would really want that, because I do love her so much. But emotionally I don't know if I can handle a friendship that could always been this difficult. Go on, go on, call be a bad person.

Related to this subject, I'm pretty sure I attract the crazies. looking back over many of my friendships I realized that out of all my friends (those that are close to me and those that aren't) I think I only have 2 "normal" friends. And when I say normal I mean that they are not constantly in a spiral of drama or frustration with their rubbish lives. Those are their words, not mine. Mother said maybe it is because I am more patient and sympathetic than others, this is not the case... BUT I am very good at pretending I am. Why don't I seem to know any happy people?! Now don't get me wrong here, I don't mind supporting friends through hard times and I know people aren't happy all the time etc. etc. BUT shoot.... It's so frustrating dealing with people who are their own worse enemies. I'm a positive, shrug it off kinda gal and I'm certain it's the way to be.

Does anyone know how they get the contraceptive implant out? I am worried digging around with tweezers is involved. Apparently though it's a "minor operation" in which they use local anesthetic and then slice you open (the Dr. didn't say slice.) I'm looking forward to it. notreally.

What would you buy your 18 year old brother? Seriously. I can't think of anything. NOTHING. And I swear to god if anyone says a watch I'll thump you one.

My laziness sometimes gets out of hand. Like right now for example, I really need to pee. I've needed to pee for 2 hours but I've held it in because I'm too lazy. It's not so much the walking to the bathroom that bothers me it's the whole having to un-dress, dress, wipe, wash hands etc. boring.

If I don't get a new blog layout soon I will thump someone. Namely my brother. Who, get this, designs websites! I knooooooow! I asked him a year ago to design my blog, he never got around to it, finally I paid him (MY OWN BROTHER PEOPLE!) because I figured then he would have to do it.... 6 months later. Nada. Hasn't even started the bastard thing.

I don't smoke weed FYI but while googling for a place to buy a Big MF Blue Cheese I came across a site with information about Blue Cheese Marijuana. It all seems very complicated and...inviting. I didn't know you could get flavours.

I'm gonna end my random here... Funnily I don't seem to have much random today. Might be because I'm looking forward to getting on with reading my blog roll. See you in the comments!

Sunday, 6 December 2009

I was so born to be rich

It's probably not widely known, but I hate wedding ceremonies. I know lots of people do and I don't knock you for that, but seriously, those hour and 45 minute ceremonies when everyone and their dog reads a soppy poem or a verse from the bible and I just... I have to fight with myself not to scoff, or roll my eyes, or throw something. I think it's even worse when you know that the couple have already done half the things they promise not to do to each other. Oh, and then they make everyone stand up and sing religious songs that 50% of the guest don't believe in. Seriously, only at a wedding could you get a huge group of people that don't necessarily know each other to sing out loud. Other people proclaiming their love in front of the world makes me gag. I don't know why because if I saw a couple getting it on in the park (and I have) I'd probably root them on. But gooey soppy 'omglikeiloveyousomuch' love. Ceremony love? BLAGH.

I know it seems bitter but it's just how I'm wired. Do you watch the TV show Scrubs? You know Jordan? Dr. Cox's ex-wife/wife? That's pretty much me in a nut shell except minus the great tits.

The point of this was that yesterday Husband and I attended a wedding. A very lavish wedding. Mummy and Daddy are rich so no expense was spared. I dug my nails into Husband's leg through out the ceremony to stop myself from making comments about what everyone was wearing and laughing when they vowed to obey. I'm proud to say I made it through and off we all headed to the Reception. It was a all day wedding. 12pm-12am and they had quite impressively booked out the whole hotel. And what a hotel it was. Talk about luxury. This is coming from a woman who's Husband is in the luxury hotel business... But this hotel, was a whole new level.

The Washbourne Court Hotel (a part of the Von Essen Hotel chain) is a 17th Century old boys cramming school along side the river eye in Lower Slaughter (regarded as the most beautiful village in England) The hotel has traditional beamed ceilings, stone mullioned windows and the most magnificent fireplace in the bar.
The ceilings were only about two inches from my head and there was a lot of hunching going on (and then after the cocktail a lot of head knocking). It is the quint essential historic English farm house, stunning and beautiful and cosy but refurbished in such away that it is swanky and modern. Keeping all the 17th century features and accessorising with funky colours. It was simply fab.
The wedding we were attending was the marriage of Husband's number 2 at work so of course in an attempt to impress the boss booked us into a very plush room. All black velvet with purple and pink accessories, emperor size bed and a roll top bath. I love a roll top bath. Love 'em. And since the beginning of time I have been wanting to have a romantic bath with Husband but in our normal common size bath it wasn't possible. We took full advantage of that roll top. Oh yes.
The meal was simply perfect. I couldn't have chosen a better menu. We began with a little tipple of Cream of Parsnip soup which I have promised Husband I will recreate in the kitchen (it was like silk going down), and the rest of the menu consisted of Goats cheese and caramelized onion tart (ya'll know I love that), Lamb shank with Dauphinoise Potatoes and roast veg and the most amazing lemon tart with lime sorbet I have ever had.
Did I also mention we had canapes of poached quail egg with pesto on toast and free champagne?
I ate it all. In fact I ate so much after dinner I threw up a little bit and had to lie down for an hour. It was worth it because after an hours break in our rooms all the guests came back down for the disco and the buffet... Yes, more food. I don't know how it rolls in America but this is the tradition in England (If you're loaded). The buffet consisted of a whole hog roast, french fries, wedding cake and a cheese board which Husband and I attacked with vengeance. We ate so much blue cheese we both considered making our selves sick so we could eat even more. And then of course we hit the dance floor and you all know how I love to dance white girl style. I tore it up.
All in all, best wedding I've been too. And luckily this time I got through the whole wedding without flashing my bum. Oh snap.

Thursday, 3 December 2009

things I do that make my husband roll his eyes...and will probably make you think I'm crazy.

I love to make my husband say lovely things about me and then throw it back in his face. Sound cruel but it's how we roll. Neither of us are practically romantic and we can turn each other on much quicker with a dirty joke and a cackling laugh. I like to break down my husband's walls, get him to confess to his undying love for me and then throw back a quick 'Sucker!' or 'Wow, you love me waaaay more than I love you'. He then rolls his eyes makes an equally snarky remark and we proceed to make out. Like i said, It's how we roll.

I spell words out loud if I think they sound funny. Actually even when they don't sound funny. For example, last night I was in mid conversation with Husband and I was saying 'It's just a constant thi-' ... I cut myself off and looked to the left. Husband rolled his eyes and then waited while I spelled out constant 4 times. each time saying it differently. I like how words feel on my tongue.

I call "Not it!" faster than my husband can. The dishes need washing; "Not it!" The toilet is clogged; "Not it!" A nappy needs changing "SO Not it!". My Husband never wins this game. Although he refuses to play, for me, these are the rules. I called it first so you get stuck with the dirty work.

As previously mentioned I love words. There are quite a few words/phrases and sentences that for the last year I have been trying to work into my vocabulary so they sound natural. It never works and most of the time I use the words in the wrong context. This doesn't matter to me, because I still think I sound cool. Husband is also a word/grammar freak and I can tell it makes him go a little more crazy each time I use a word wrong. This of course, makes it even more fun. My favourite "RECON!"... This really drives him nuts.

I am...uncoordinated. I am known to walk into walls, fall up stairs, trip over my own two feet, drop everything, smash things just by looking at them and repeatedly stand on my husbands feet. When we first met, I think he thought this 'quality' was cute. Not so much anymore.

Since Husband and I first got together I have always, always done the run and jump into his arms thing. You know, from the movies? Slow motion, music playing... yeah. Except, if you see above, I'm not coordinated. So it usually starts with me spotting husband across the room/street/building whatever then running/tripping/galloping/stomping towards him until I ungracefully leap and slam my body into his chest. He always catches me though I've noticed since I lost all the weight he doesn't sound like I've knocked the wind out of him anymore.

My Husband is very good at making up different lyrics when singing along to a song, the lyrics work perfectly and are usually 10 times dirtier. I am NOT good at this, So I do it all the more. Which makes him... yup, you guessed it. Roll his eyes.

I'm digging the randoms right now

The worse thing in the world has got to be when you're at work and you're mobile phone rings and on the caller ID it says "Nursery". Talk about instant panic attack.

Anyways, Son has some wicked diarrhea going on. He's playing/eating and seems happy enough but they won't take him while he's exploding like he is. Teething maybe? Either way my gag reflex has been working over time.

So I'm off from work today having lots of cuddles on the couch with Son and spagging out in our pajamas. I've considered doing some house work now he's down for his nap but that would be way to productive of me and so I'll probably join him for a little kip instead.

I have therapy tonight though and depending on what time Husband gets home I'm still planning on going.

Fingers crossed?

Theta Mom Thursday post coming soon!

Tuesday, 1 December 2009

Self portrait

Ah well, here I am again. How's everyone? I have been thinking of you all and yearning to be wrapped in the warm arms my blog provides me.

Everything is good. I'm good at least. My friend in crisis is still technically in crisis. She has good days and bad days. The weekend was not good as she officially moved out of her ex's place and I was "on call" again, Yesterday though was a good day and we laughed a lot and spoke sensibly. Today she is checking in to the suicide refuge I mentioned before. I have faith in her and I'm proud of how far she's come already.

And that's all I'm going to say about that. And you know why? Because for the last two weeks all I have talked about or though about was her and quite simply, I'm sick of it. I love her, of course, but this blog is my blog and I won't let it take this over as well.

MY life has been fab. Husband is shockingly....amazing. It's like he's finally taking things seriously in regards to a few kinks i think we need to work out in our relationship. He's...GASP, changing. trying. I of course, don't want him to change who he is blahblah you know the story. But there have been things over the last year that I know need fixing, because they are tolerable now but I know they are not something I will tolerate for a life time.

So yes. He's trying. good times.

Son is getting his portrait taken today at Nursery I sent him looking so super cute that the staff gave a little squeal when he walked in. I attempted to gel his fly away hair to no avail but it's cool, he totally rocks the beach bum look. Just like Mummy.

My youngest brother is coming to visit in 3 weeks for his 18th birthday and Christmas. I am so psyched I can't even tell you. Kid brother and I are like sausage and mash, fish and chips, vodka and coke.... Close. I was like his second mum growing up and took him everywhere with me... And now for the first time ever we will be joining forces as adults! Adults... He'll be legal...drinking and all (in the UK at least...hence why he's spending his 18th here). Frozen Margaritas? I think so.

Time to tackle my blog roll! I'll close my totally random and endless update of the going on's in my life here... I should really take part in Tuesday Random Thoughts... I'd rock that so hard.